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Cold Brew Tea

Meet Your New Summer Drink: True Cold Nitro Tea

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

There is a new summer drink to take over the season. These nitro teas are made with the best teas in the world to ensure great flavor without any additives.

Nitro Tea is the Summer Companion that Cools Without Guilt

When temperatures rise and the air gets thick there is nothing more refreshing than having a cold drink cool your body and help enjoy the season. Here in New England, we wait all year for summer to arrive but when it does the heat can sometimes prove more debilitating than liberating. Having something to keep us cool during the summer is critical. Having a go-to drink we can count on to refresh and revitalize us - and that tastes great - can make all the difference on a hot and balmy day. A True Cold Nitro Tea can be that drink. 

Most of us think of iced tea as a healthy alternative to having a cold beer on a hot day, but when the drinks that are supposed to be beneficial to your health turn out to be hurting you with their sugary loaded additives, there is a problem. Too many iced teas come loaded with sugar, which ends up contradicting any health benefits the tea could offer. With each sip, you’ll think, “this is great, but that sure is a lot of sugar.” In a drink you are turning to help you feel hydrated and refreshed, you don’t want to always have to worry about the downside. Too often, there is one.

What to Look For in a Summer Drink

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a summer drink that could taste great without the addition of sugars and preservatives? A drink that you can enjoy, put down, and think, “there is no downside to this.” Better yet, just put it down and go back to your conversation. You don’t need to think about it at all because there is no downside. 

That is the drink we are all looking for. A drink that doesn’t occupy a part of our mind with concerns about the decisions we are making. When we know we are making the right decision, our mind can move on to things other than what we are drinking. This is what happens when we drink something that is what it claims to be. A great beverage has a great natural flavor because it is made of the best ingredients sourced from the best places. These are the only things you will find in Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Tea.

The Nitro Tea That Answers the Call

Here is that drink you were thinking about. It is Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Tea and there are three of them. Choose your favorite between Black Tea, Oolong, and Hibiscus, or mix them in a variety pack with True Cold Nitro Coffee and you have the drink you’ll be reaching for all summer long. All of Quivr’s ingredients are ethically sourced and simply brewed. You’ll know what is in your drink because it is what it says it is: tea (or coffee) and water. That’s it.

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To enjoy your new summer drink without interruption set up a drink subscription and have your favorite drinks from the Quivr lineup delivered straight to your door. The True Cold Nitro Teas and Coffee will have you grateful that the heat is giving you a reason to reach for another.

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