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Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew Black Tea For Nitro Fans Who Want More Options

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

A Cold Brew Black Tea Introduced to the Market

For a while it seemed that if you wanted to enjoy a nitrogen-infused beverage, your only option was coffee. But no longer. Now you can have true cold nitro coffee, as well as nitro cold brew black tea - plus, oolong and hibiscus! And you can have all this without the unnecessary additives of preservatives, sugar or dairy, and without compromising on taste! Quivr True Cold Nitro Coffee and Tea - for whatever mood you’re in. 

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A Commitment to Quality in Every Product

Coffee and tea fanatics may have been low-key battling it out for the crown of the best beverage since impassioned debates were in fashion. In America, coffee probably holds that crown, but tea remains the most consumed beverage in the world, behind the necessity of water consumption. The things we drink every day are steeped in our cultures and become an irreplaceable part of our lives. And wherever your preference lies - tea or coffee or both! - we are proud to offer you both Nitro Tea and Nitro Coffee products that will make you feel good.

Some canned or bottled beverages feel that they can compromise on the quality of your drink by sweetening and intensifying the flavor. At Quivr, we take pride in what we put in all our products, and our nitro cold brew black tea is no different, with ingredients that include filtered water and black tea, and nothing else. Seriously. That’s it. The black tea we use for our beverage comes from the Yunnan province of China, famed for its tea production in an assortment of styles. 

If black tea is not your favorite style, we also offer True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea and True Cold Hibiscus Tea, so your tea options will not be limited. The oolong tea comes from the Nantou Region of Taiwan where the best Oolongs in the world are found. Taiwan has a rich history of Oolong production, and we are proud to include a piece of that culture in our cold brew beverage. Our True Cold Hibiscus Tea is made from a blend of hibiscus flowers, ginger root, orange peel, rosehips and shizandra berries, and nothing else.

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Nitro Cold Brew Black Tea That Tastes Like Tea

You will see the difference. Most tea companies heavily sweeten their bottled products with an assortment of additives. Many of the finished products hardly taste like tea anymore. Our Black Tea tastes like tea and nothing else. That is because there is nothing else. With no added dairy, sugars, or citric acid, you know when you have a Quivr product, and it says tea, it is tea and only tea. 

True. Cold. Nitro.