Quivr was founded by two brothers passionate about coffee. They have spent years sourcing and preparing beautiful coffees from around the world, and celebrating the farmers that grow them. 

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Our Founders

Mukunda has worked in coffee since he was 15, first as a barista in a café and then as a coffee roaster. Along with Quivr, he is now building and running coffee shops across Massachusetts.

Ash has a business and marketing background. He has worked with Mukunda in café retail spaces for over ten years, and now spends his time making Quivr's unique nitro coffee and tea accessible to a wide range of consumers.

Quivr's Origin

A few years ago, Mukunda and Ash found themselves consistently disappointed with the bottled and canned cold brews on the market. Everything they tried was made with low quality coffee. Worse still, so many of the products out there were loaded with sugar and pasteurized, which helps shelf life but detracts from flavor.

With Quivr, they have tried to make the best-tasting cold brew possible. They use a coffee that is roasted locally using beans that are perfectly suited for cold extraction, and has been ethically sourced and handled with care each step of the way. The coffee is cold brewed for 20+ hours, and extensive filtration is used for rich depth of flavor and a very clean profile. Lastly, they can it with nitrogen so that, when shaken and turned straight upside down to pour, you get a creamy cascade just like a nitro cold brew served on draft. 

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The result should be true cold coffee that has a great creamy head, notes of stone fruit upfront turning to flavors of nuts and bittersweet chocolate, with a long, clean, lingering finish.

Quivr Flavors
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