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The Quivr Story

Quivr was founded by two brothers passionate about coffee and tea who wanted to provide beverages that taste great, contain only the purest ingredients, and are ethically sourced.

Mukunda and Ash have worked in coffee and tea for a long time, building and running retail stores, café and bars, and a scratch bakery.

“We have spent years sourcing and preparing beautiful ingredients from around the world to create products based in real foods without any of the bad stuff.”

The community coffee shop experience is often warm and inviting, with hand-poured drinks, a friendly atmosphere, made with love and real ingredients. We wanted to bring the same quality beverages and deliberateness to those on the go; to those who are up before coffee shops open, or past when they close.

They aim to make a product that will power people through a full day, and keep them hydrated so they can tackle the activities and challenges ahead. The brothers wanted to ensure that folks could do all of that without preservatives, sugar, dairy, or compromising on taste. And so, Quivr was born.

Quivr founder Mukunda Feldman.
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Mukunda Feldman

Mukunda's Bio

Mukunda has a background in coffee roasting, sourcing, and opening and managing retail cafés. Over 25 years ago, he started working in a coffee shop and hasn't left the coffee world since. Before leaving to open his own café in 2003, he spent 9 years roasting coffee and managing production for a wholesale and retail coffee company. He was instantly hooked on owning his own business, and over the next 15 years opened 6 cafés, a scratch bakery, and a cocktail bar.

Quivr founder Ash Crawford.
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Ash Crawford

Ash's Bio

Ash grew up in Australia and moved to "The States" in 2007 to work alongside Mukunda in his café retail spaces. For over 12 years, Ash’s business and marketing background has helped him successfully create and grow a vibrant, fulfilling nitro canned beverage company alongside Mukunda.

Ash's unique charisma, charm, and outgoing nature make him an outstanding networker and community builder.

A circular picture of a small child pouring a decaf Quivr.

Zoe Feldman

Zoe's Bio

All products go through extensive testing and food pairings before being released to market.

Zoe's Pro Tip: Try the True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee paired with string cheese and some crackers.

In addition to their shared business experience, Mukunda and Ash both have backgrounds in professional sports; Mukunda is a cyclist and Ash is a golfer. The lessons they learned in the years of competing at an elite level crossover daily into the beverage sphere, and influence the types of products they want to bring into the world.

Quivr is a true, cold, nitro beverage that is made from real plant-based ingredients only. It allows you to grab a delicious, high-quality beverage and enjoy it without worrying about any additives or tons of sugar. Quivr doesn't require people to choose between easy, tasty, or healthy. It's all three.

"Most of all, we wanted to make beverages that we could feel great about giving to our children. We feel proud to talk about where the ingredients come from and are so excited to share quality you can taste!"

Hope you enjoy!

- Ash and Mukunda


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