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Cold Brew Tea

Cold Brew Tea Benefits Beyond the Flavor

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Ashley Robertson

Cold brew tea is more than just a delicious summer beverage. Learn more about what sets cold brew tea apart. You might not need reason to drink more, but you’ll find it here.

A Deep Dive Into Cold Brew Tea Benefits

Cold brewing has built a strong following in the tea industry in recent years. This is an especially popular brewing method once warmer months come around. While many factors separate the products out there and how they're received, they will always have their brewing processes in common. 

Cold brewing is not at all new to the world of tea, but it has developed a wave of popularity over the last decade. Cafes and drive-thrus often make their iced tea with hot or cold brew tea, but just drinking a cold tea does not mean it is cold brew. The distinction between iced tea and cold brew tea can seem arbitrary, but let’s explore cold brew tea benefits and differences to see why it matters.  

The Process of Cold Brew Tea

Cold brew tea and chilled hot brew tea can both result in a soothing summer sip, but they will not be the same kind of drink. True cold brew steeping of tea occurs with room temperature or chilled water. The process of steeping takes 20+ hours, depending on the tea and the desired flavor. For cold brewing at home, one or two teaspoons of tea leaves to every cup of water is a good portion to use.   

Some styles of tea are favorites in the cold brew style. Black teas are a strong candidate for a position in a cold brew cabinet, and tea companies often use oolongs in their cold brewing because of the sweetness of the oolong style. The range in flavors of oolong tea means that experimenting with cold brews can yield an array of results with the way it interacts with the darker, lighter, or roasted versions. 

Results and Cold Brew Tea Benefits

Cold water steeps out fewer tannins from the tea leaves. Tannins are the antioxidant in tea leaves that adds to the astringent taste. Therefore, fewer tannins extracted from the leaf gives cold brew tea less astringency. Hot water also extracts more caffeine from the tea leaf. The reduced extraction is what gives cold brew beverages a lower level of caffeine. 

Cold brewing is renowned for making black coffee more drinkable with the way it reduces the acidity of the beverage. With darker teas, the reduction in astringency is similar to that of coffee, making the final product more palatable. But, the impact of cold brewing works differently in some teas bringing out more sweetness in the beverage. 

With the lower level of astringency and less caffeine, cold brew tea becomes an ideal relaxation beverage, especially in the warmer months of the year. 

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