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Coffee that is just coffee + water.
Nitrogen-infused for freshness.
Zero additives for taste.
We also make America's favorite Decaf Nitro.

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Natural energy
Free from additives

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Refreshing on hard days
Hydrating for hard work

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Cascades like nitro on draft
Preserves the freshness
Smooth mouthfeel


The Quivr Show

We have launched The Quivr Show!

The Quivr Show explores family, life, business, and the pursuit of balance. We engage in candid discussions about various aspects of life and reveal practical tools as we continue the search for our best selves.

Our episodes feature conversations with notable guests who share their motivations, the significance of gratitude in their lives, and the impact they aspire to create in the world.

We hope you find enjoyment and inspiration in our podcast.

You can listed to The Quivr Show wherever you listen to podcast. We hope you enjoy!


Quivr Wholesale

Quivr coffee and tea now has a national direct wholesale program!

This is perfect for cafes, grocery, specialty stores, offices, gyms, and event spaces.Get $100 off your first order and 1 year of free shipping in the US.

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"I absolutely love Quivr because 1.) I am a coffee addict and 2.) it’s perfect to have when I am rushing to class, the gym or work!"

- JJ, Graduate Student

"I’d never heard of nitro tea when I first tried Quivr, but now I can’t get enough. Just tea, no additives, and a taste that’s crisp and refreshing."

- jess, Graphic Designer

"Just delicious coffee in a can that you don’t need to put shit in to make it taste good.”

- Emma, Farmer

“Finding the Decaf Quivr was a huge win! It tastes SO good and I have happily continued drinking it while nursing.”

- Karly, Mother of 3

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