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Cold Brew Tea

True Cold Nitro Drinks For All Times: Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea and More

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Looking for a wider variety in your nitro beverages? Quivr has an assortment of offerings that are delicious and ethically produced. You’ll enjoy searching for your favorite Quivr beverage.

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea, Black Tea, and Oolong For Nitro Variety

Those familiar with nitro style beverages associate it with coffee. There is a good reason for that. Companies flood the market with nitro coffees, and there isn't much of anything else available in the nitro beverage world. Quivr is changing that in a big way.

With Quivr's offerings, your nitro options have quickly expanded. Of course, we have our awesome nitro coffee product, but we've added tea and decaffeinated beverages to the mix. No matter what you are in the mood for, Quivr has a drink for you. 

Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea

We are particularly proud to bring Nitro Teas to the market, beginning with our Cold Brew Hibiscus Tea. At Quivr, we find value in providing caffeine-free options to complement the caffeinated line.

The Hibiscus Tea is made with Hibiscus Flowers, Ginger Root, Orange Peel, Rosehips, and Schizandra Berries. These ingredients are blended and then steeped to create a vibrant pink drink that is delicious and refreshing. The combination provides tart, floral notes that blend with the spice of the ginger and sweetness of the fruits to create a beautifully balanced and sophisticated beverage. A great option that you can drink at any time, day or night, on the go or relaxing at home. 

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True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a finely crafted tea style that can rarely be enjoyed in a hurry. It was important for us to bring this delicacy to you in a form that can keep up with a fast-paced life. Now, the subtle flavors of a high-grade Oolong can be enjoyed at your convenience. 

Oolong tea sits in the middle of the oxidation scale between green and black tea. This makes our oolong a nuanced beverage carrying qualities of both styles. With no added sweeteners, this beverage is a representation of expertly crafted tea.

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True Cold Nitro Black Tea

Black tea is in large supply but not always in its highest quality. Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Black Tea is our chance to offer you a high-quality black tea that can be enjoyed when you need it most. Getting this quality in a can called for us to search for the best we could find. 

From an estate in the mountains of China, this tea has gone through a lengthy withering and oxidation process. The entirety of the process contributes to a rich and complex flavor. Honey, rose, and malt flavors come together to provide an almost exotic finish.

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True Cold Nitro Coffee

Quivr's cold brew nitro coffee is a deliciously smooth and energizing beverage. The flavor rings with a sweet spice that elevates itself to a strong bite of bittersweet chocolate on the backend. The nitrogen infusion provides a thick body that carries through to a smooth finish.

Through years of investigation, we have identified coffees that are ideally suited for cold extraction. Our coffee roasts in small batches and then are cold brewed for 20-plus hours in precise conditions. We'll tell you it tastes great, but you'll want to try this for yourself.

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True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee

Quivr Decaf provides another high-quality coffee flavor with caffeine-free conditions. Having a flavorful option to drink in the moments that call for decaf is important to us. Having decaffeinated options of both our cold brew hibiscus tea and the decaf coffee give you versatility on the go. 

The beans decaffeinate through a Select Water Process that avoids any use of harmful chemicals. We understand that taste is paramount in a decaffeinated coffee and we've prioritized making this beverage right. Caramel, chocolate, and spice come together to complement an understated fruity hint that rewards the pallette.

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From coffees to our cold brew hibiscus tea, we are proud that all of our products come from farms and partners that operate with socially-conscious and environmentally-friendly methods.

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