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Cold Brew Tea

Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Beverages Give You Reason to Buy Cold Brew Tea

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

With some drinks, there are a lot of options that you could go to. With cold brew tea, there’s just one and we’ve got it right here.

When You’re Looking to Buy Cold Brew Tea, How Do You Choose the Best One?

In business, there are two ways to deliver a drink to the market. One is by making it the best possible drink, taking time and care to craft a beverage that is high in quality and taste. The other is by using quick manufacturing tricks in order to get a beverage onto shelves as quickly as possible. That latter version tends to be more efficient from a manufacturing point of view, and perhaps the more profitable because of the corners cut. But when it comes to choosing to buy cold brew tea, we believe that taste and quality ingredients should matter more than profit.

Why Most Canned and Bottled Tea is Okay, at Best

Many of the popular bottled teas you will find these days are sold as tea with lemon, raspberry, or other fruit. Wonder why that is? Citric acid or other additives are often mixed with lower grade teas to enhance the flavor and as preservatives to improve shelf life. Utilizing extra flavor is not altogether bad, but using the process to mask low-quality products with unhealthy additives like high fructose corn syrup is less than ideal. 

The best quality beverages don't need the additions to mask the genuine flavor. Instead, they boast their natural flavor by adding nothing at all and having a natural drink that promotes good health instead of hurting it. You may think the answer is just to buy cold brew tea that is unsweetened. That is a good start, but there is a little more to be sure of if you want to find the best. How a beverage is kept fresh is still essential. With products stacked on shelves for an unknown amount of time, you want to make sure your drink will still taste great and be healthy when it is bought and opened. Enter Nitrogen.

Buy Cold Brew Tea With Nothing But Nitrogen

In Quivr's True Cold Brew Nitro beverages, nitrogen works to extend the life of the drink by removing oxygen from the can. If oxygen remains in the can with your beverage, oxidation will take place degrading the quality. Now, instead of oxygen, nitrogen takes up headspace in the can and waits for your shake to activate it. Once you shake hard and pour fast, the nitrogen runs through your drink in the form of tiny bubbles to create a visual cascade and fuller beverage.


While the nitrogen adds body in our beverages, the flavor is 100% natural. We don't need the chemical additives to make our tea taste better, and we don't need chemicals or pasteurization to help it last longer either. We have spent our time committed to putting the best teas that provide the best natural flavor we could find into our cans. As a leader in nitro cold brew tea, we want to give you the right reasons to buy cold brew tea.

Our flavors speak for themselves. Order your favorite flavor of tea or try all three: 

True Cold Nitro Black Tea

True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea

True Cold Nitro Hibiscus

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