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Frequently Asked Questions

Take a look below to find answers to questions we are often asked about Quivr. If you can't find what you are looking for, get in touch with us by emailing hello@drinkquivr.com or shoot us a text at +1.323.285.2088!


What is the Quivr difference?

The idea behind Quivr was to create the best example of nitro cold brew possible. Made with the highest quality coffee and teas, sustainably sourced from family farms around the world.

The quality of ingredients are appreciable as nothing else is added, just filtered water. Quivr is unpasteurized, leaving all the beautiful nuances of flavor intact. Additive and sweetener free, Quivr is vegan, paleo, keto, gluten free, dairy free, and contains zero sugar. Quivr is True Cold Nitro, enjoy!

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Does Quivr have to stay cold?

Yes. Quivr is brewed, shipped, and best enjoyed cold for maximum freshness and flavor. Quivr does not go through a pasteurization process (heat treated to extend shelf-life). When pasteurized coffee and tea changes, negatively impacting the flavors of them we want to protect and share. Think of Quivr as a real food from the produce section of the grocery store.

What does nitro-infused mean?

Nitrogen is a gas. We take the teeny tiny bubbles and infuse them into our canning process. If you #shakehardpourfast into a glass, the nitrogen breaks out of solution creating a naturally sweet, smooth, and creamy texture for an unforgettable drinking experience!

How much caffeine is in the Decaf?

The Select Water Process we use removes caffeine from the coffee bean without the use of harmful chemicals or byproducts and leaves all of the coffee flavor.  Quivr Nitro Decaf is 99.9% caffeine free. Caffeine do amounts vary slightly each batch, but you could expect between 4mg - 8mg per 12 oz. can.

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All the ingredients are real foods, so… can I eat it?

Yes but no, haha. At Quivr we believe that if you’re putting it on your body, you should be able to put it in your body. We have tried to eat it and don't recommend - it's too salty! we suggest sticking to the nitro beverages for your caffeine kick. Quivr Body Scrubs are not edible, but is a good example of our belief that your skincare should be good enough to eat.

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Can I use Quivr Body Scrub if I'm pregnant?

We’ve had great feedback from baby mommas everywhere who have used Quivr Body Scrub throughout their pregnancy and after birth, (including some of our own family.) If you are unsure, we recommend consulting your doctor. We have had no reports of any adverse effects from the caffeine content as it's working primarily on the top layers of skin.

How often do I use Quivr Body Scrub?

We recommend 2-3 times per week for best results.


Why isn’t shipping free?

Quivr is cold-chain, heavy, and sometimes travels great distances to get to you. Shipping is subsidized and we cover a large portion of the cost of postage and handling on all orders.  We have chosen a case size (16 cans) which is the sweet spot in material cost, shipping, and overall impact on the planet creating a smaller carbon footprint. As we grow, we hope to continue to support eco-friendly practices and continue to offset the impact we all have on the planet.

What is your packaging like? (You don’t use styrofoam do you!?)

No, we don’t use styrofoam! To reduce our environmental impact, we are using the best eco-friendly shipping practices we can find. Quivr is shipped using a sustainable, award-winning packaging material made from an insulated recyclable paper that protects perishable goods. The liners are curbside recyclable just like the cardboard box. This allows us to use minimal cooling gel packs, which can be reused!


Do you have a wholesale program?

We now have a direct wholesale program!

This program is perfect for small specialty stores, offices, gyms, and cafés.

For larger accounts, we work with exceptional distributions partners and would behappy to connect you with someone in your area.

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