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We Have a Wholesale Program!

In addition to offering Quivr through our distribution partners, we now have a direct wholesale program for approved wholesale customers.

This program is perfect for small specialty stores, offices, gyms, and cafés. For larger accounts, we work with exceptional distributions partners and are happy to connect you with someone in your area.

We have 5 delicious flavors available now to keep your customers, members, and staffers fueled. We don't add sugar, dairy, or any other additives; see our one sheet below for more info.

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Why Quivr Wholesale?

Quivr is an easy and hassle-free way to offer nitro coffee and tea beverages without having to deal with kegs, placing a kegerator in your store, running out of gas, or cleaning lines.

Our nitro cans offer less product waste, are fresh every time, and are easy to display. We infuse the cans with nitrogen so that, when shaken and turned upside down to pour, you get a creamy cascade just like a nitro cold brew served on draft.

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One Page Information Sheet

This downloadable flyer shows important information about each Quivr flavor, including the MSRP and nutritional facts.

Quivr Photography

These photographs are a selection of what we have available to retailers for use in store and on social media. Reach out if you would like to see our entire collection. We do ask that you let us know where and when you use the images, and that you not alter them without consulting with us first.