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Cold Brew Tea

A Black Tea Cold Brew to Satisfy the Tea Connoisseur

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Ashley Roberston

Enjoying the highest quality of tea is no longer limited to the meticulous process of steeping loose-leaf tea in your pot. You can now enjoy the best styles of tea on the go with True Cold Nitro Teas.

Could a True Connoisseur Love Black Tea Cold Brew in a Can?

The image of the tea connoisseur is of one placing their loose leaf tea into their pot. They steep the tea with water at the exact right temperature for that style of tea. They know the specific country the tea comes from. They might even know which tea field and what tea master worked with the leaves. Few would imagine a true connoisseur ever drinking a black tea cold brew from a can. That has now become a reality.

The true connoisseur loves to learn about their tea and takes time with it. There’s only one problem in this equation. The loose-leaf, teapot steeping process isn’t conducive to all environments at all times. It is a ceremony that doesn’t travel well. The connoisseurs deserve something they can take with them to have their top-shelf tea on the go.

Finding the Best Black Tea Cold Brew

When you drink a black tea cold brew from Quivr, you’re not drinking just any black tea, you’re drinking the best. To be exact, each can of True Cold Nitro Black Tea is made with Gongfu Black Tea from the Rangsai Tea Garden in Yunnan China. Yunnan Province is a world-renowned location for its Black Teas and Puerh Teas. 

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The Black Tea we use at Quivr is grown and processed under the supervision of Tea Master Mrs. Tanmei who is also famous in China for her Puerh bricks. The oxidation process is a long one for black tea bringing out a strong layering of flavors. With a medium body and notes of honey, rose, and malt, this Gongfu Black from Rangsai is one that proves Mrs. Tanmei’s expertise. She has been cultivating tea for more than 30 years and we are humbled to bring her mastery to you in our cans. 

A Spread of True Cold Brew for the True Connoisseur

As connoisseurs ourselves, it is important to us that we offer more than a high-quality black tea. That same passion to find the best tea went into the search for the leaves we selected for our True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea. The search for the best Oolong Tea brought us to Taiwan, recognized across the world of tea for its Oolongs cultivated at high altitudes and its unique grading system that puts a greater influence on the resulting flavor of the tea. 

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At an elevation of 500 meters in the central mountains of Nantou County, we discovered the Yen Hwai Li tea farm. The tea master and processor of the farm, Ai Fang, is a fourth-generation tea processor of a women-run tea business. This tea is well known in Taiwan, even by those who are not tea fanatics. 

Oolong is known for carrying a lighter body than black tea due to its lower oxidation and the result in this tea is a floral lilac note accompanied by gardenia and honey. Drinks like our True Cold Nitro Black Tea and True Cold Nitro Oolong make it possible for the tea connoisseur to take their high standards wherever they go.

For those looking for a delicious tea flavor with no caffeine, try our True Cold Nitro Hibiscus.

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