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What Are the Benefits of Black Tea? Where Shall We Start?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

What are the benefits of black tea? There is a huge list of potential health benefits of drinking black tea. Much more than we have the space to get to. For now, here’s a start.

When asked, What are the benefits of black tea? It is hard to keep the answer short

As the saying goes, there are no stupid questions, but some questions might bring you a bit more than you bargained for. ‘What are the benefits of black tea?’ would be one of those questions. 

With no shortage of answers to this question, we couldn’t go wrong no matter where we start. The only thing wrong would be to delay the answering any further.

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What are the benefits of black tea? Just the beginning.


Probably one of the more boisterous benefits of black tea and tea, in general, are antioxidants. There is a good chance you’ve heard tea lovers boast about the fantastic qualities that antioxidants introduce to their lives. But what are they exactly? And what do they do?

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that are abundant in black tea through catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins. Research suggests that these antioxidants will reduce the risk of chronic disease and increase overall health.

While many antioxidants are also found in supplements, studies suggest that consuming them through food or beverage rather than supplements is better for health. 

Lower Blood Sugar

When blood sugar levels are high, there is an increased risk of severe disease. These include but are not limited to kidney failure, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.

When people consume too much sugar, the body will store sugar as fat. Research suggests that epigallocatechin gallate, a catechin found in tea, can improve insulin levels to transport sugars to muscles for energy. Still, it is best to limit sugar intake.

If nothing else, drinking black tea instead of sugary beverages will be a much better way to regulate blood sugar levels. And, with that, research suggests that tea can actually improve how the body metabolizes sugar. 

Gut Health

While more research is needed, there is strong evidence suggesting black tea is great for gut health. There are countless bacteria found in your gut, and black tea is known to inhibit the growth of some bad bacteria. 

Tea can also help repair the lining of the digestive tract, which plays an essential role in your gut’s overall function. 

More and more research is coming to light that proves the gut is a far more essential organ than we once believed. Gut health is paramount to overall health, and you should not overlook any potential improvements to your gut health. 

Just the tip of the iceberg

So, what are the benefits of black tea? Honestly, we haven’t even scratched the surface of black tea benefits. There is plenty more support out there showing that black tea consumption can (among other things) lower your blood pressure and decrease the risk of cancer and stroke.

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