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Tea Sachets

3 Ways To Bring Your Tea Drinking To Another Level With Tea Sachets

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Aside from the fancy name, tea sachets provide a serious upgrade to your tea drinking experience. The sachet gives you the benefit of a tea bag without the literal restrictions.

How tea sachets elevate your tea and will have you throwing away tea bags for good

Tea sachets are different from teabags. The sachet provides a more open space for the water and leaves inside to circulate. That’s right; the sachet is not just a fancy word reserved for those who specifically drink with their pinky out. There are defining qualities to a tea sachet that are significant to changing how you drink your tea. The tea sachet is as close as you get to loose leaf tea without the added clunky equipment and is a far cry from low-grade commercial teabags.

If you love the convenience of your tea bags, we understand and aren’t interested in making you throw away that convenience. Still, if you’re interested in a better beverage with the same convenience, you should read on. 

Tea sachets take a small step for a massive improvement

The biggest appeal to drinking loose-leaf tea instead of a traditional teabag is a matter of space. When tea leaves can move freely within a cup or container, they release a full spectrum of flavors into the beverage. Also, without the restrictions of a bag, leaves can open easier to release everything they have. Tea sachets come as small bags and are often triangular. Their shape is one thing that differentiates them from teabags and helps you get the most out of your tea.

The overall advantages of tea sachets are threefold:

  • Shape providing extra space
  • An open design offering better flow
  • Maintained convenience

Extra Space

Traditional tea bags are often a flat, square shape. This design offers no space for anything but small shavings of what once may have been a great tea. The result is, at best, a shadow of what the tea could have been. 

Tea sachets offer enough space to contain a full leaf and can therefore provide a full flavor. Still, with the integrity of the leaf protected, there needs to be an open design so the sachet’s contents can swim in the water for better steeping…

Open Design

The open design of the larger sachets gives the water a chance to flow freely through and around the tea leaf. While it is not quite as free as a completely loose leaf, there is still plenty of space to open and release its full flavor range.

Maintained Convenience

Let’s not forget why we were drinking tea from a teabag in the first place. We love tea and appreciate the ease of dropping a bag in a cup of hot water. All of that convenience is maintained with the use of tea sachets while dramatically increasing the drinking experience. 

Full, loose-leaf tea is great but requires extra equipment, time, and attention. Tea sachets offer familiar convenience with a quality that is not always associated with teabags. 

The only other need is for options, which Quivr provides a perfect assortment of. Our Golden Black Tea and Jasmine Green offer great quality tea while Turmeric Ginger provides an uncaffeinated, herbal option with great flavor and health benefits. 

If you want to get the quality from the world of loose-leaf without throwing away the convenience, tea sachets are the perfect solution. 

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