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Golden Black Tea Sachets

Elegant and indispensable, this special black tea is perfect for nearly every occasion. Rich, robust and earthy. You'll find notes of malt and honey.

Caffeine Content: Medium - High

100% Chinese Black Tea.

PRICE: $19.95 for a one time order. $17.96 for a subscription purchase.

Each bag contains 24 sachets.

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How to Steep Your Tea

We recommend using spring or filtered water.

Heat to 195ºF/90ºC.

Use 1 sachet per 8 oz. water.

Steep 4-6 minutes.

Elegant and indispensable, this very special black tea is perfect for nearly every occasion. Abundant golden tipped leaves and buds are collected in earliest spring, carefully oxidized and prepared these leaves become dark amber while the tippy buds remain a soft golden color. In the cup this tea brews to a wonderful auburn color and is remarkably rich complex and versatile. Notes of cocoa, spice and malt abound. When sipped black this tea is aromatic, sweet, complex and nuanced. It is also rich and robust enough to stand up to milk and the addition brings the chocolate and nutty notes to the fore.

Delightful and pleasing when hot, this tea becomes even more complex and layered as it cools. The finish is long and dry and this masterfully crafted forgiving tea will not get bitter if over steeped. A silky smooth tea of exceptional quality this black tea will impress your snobbiest tea friends, satisfy your "breakfast" tea loving relative and prove to be a worthy and compelling daily cup.

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