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This Drink Subscription is Exactly the Edge You Need

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Forget your indecision when it comes to choosing which beverage to get in the drink aisle. This drink subscription will have the right one showing up at your door.

The Drink Subscription to Tip the Scales

This drink subscription could change your life. An absurd statement, but essentially accurate. It could change your life - in conjunction with other essential steps, of course. Most of us tend to look for the one defining difference that changes our lives. However, in reality, it’s a collection of small differences that will end up nudging the scales. 

In James Clear's book Atomic Habits, he details the ascension of the British cycling team. Once a poster child for mediocrity, the British team became a force—the catalyst of their improvement: marginal gains. Dave Brailsford, the performance director hired in 2003, worked to find small advantages for the cyclists. Most of these were in tiny aspects of the sport that other teams ignored. 

Adjustments included uniforms and helmets to improve body warmth and aerodynamics by tiny margins. They researched the best bedding to enhance their athlete's sleep. They found the massage cream that gave the fastest muscle recovery. These small changes compounded to win the team 60 percent of the gold medals in the 2008 Olympics. Improvements continued to 2012 where they set numerous Olympic and World records.

Tiny Changes Make Huge Differences

No, a drink subscription is not going to turn a life of struggle into one of ease. Still, the right drink subscription will shift aspects of life in your favor. Having the right drink delivered to your door every month removes the decision process from your life, giving you just one less thing you have to worry about. 

The critical step is in choosing the right drink subscription. Quivr is that right choice. There will no longer be a debate on whether to compromise the quality of your beverage with sugary additives. Quivr adds nothing to the drinks. What it says on the can is what is in the can. Coffee or tea and water. No more wondering if you're getting the best for yourself. Quivr sources the absolute best ingredients from the best distributors. 

A Single Choice For Many Improvements

When you are making one small improvement, there is still more work. By choosing a Quivr drink subscription, you choose the best ingredients from the best farms that are brewed with the best processes to make a high-quality, delicious drink. That is getting an awful lot of best out of a single decision. 

Quivr is also the best drink for your dietary plan. Quivr is a keto-friendly drink. It is paleo-friendly, Whole30®-friendly, and virtually-anything-else-you-can-think-of-friendly. Dieting can be a challenge when trying to make the right decisions day in and day out to follow your plan. With a Quivr drink subscription, many of those decisions are made for you with one delivery each month. A delicious beverage is already in your hand because you made the right decision to shift the scales in the right direction. Your only job now is to keep the momentum going. 

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