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Cold brew coffee

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Coffee: What to Choose?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Cold brew coffee has more value than just cooling you down in summer and hot brew coffee is more than a drink to warm you up. Learn about the different roles each of these beverages plays and the ways the differ.

Your Guide to Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Coffee

Millions of us across the world can't get our day started without a hot cup of coffee. . . or a cold one. Whether that means brewing your own at home or going to the drive-thru, popping open a can of our True Cold Nitro Coffee or using a french press, people need their coffee. But what separates a hot brew from a cold brew? What makes one distinct from the other? There are plenty of differences between the two styles of brewing, (more than just water temperature) and pros and cons to each. Cold brew is our favorite here at Quivr, but let’s explore: cold brew vs hot brew coffee. 

Cold Brew Coffee

While cold brew coffee is gaining steam as a popular way to consume the bean, it is by no means new. Cold brew coffee has been consumed as far back as the 1600s in Japan, and possibly even earlier. The cold brew style makes the resulting beverage less astringent than its heated counterpart.

Actual cold brew coffee can take 12 to 24 hours to brew properly. Since the water is cold, it takes this long for the water to soak up all the flavor and caffeine from the beans. This may seem like a con against cold brew in the cold brew vs hot brew coffee debate, but this cold extraction process actually pulls out less of coffee’s bitter compounds resulting in a sweeter overall taste! 

Also, there’s plenty of ways to save yourself time when enjoying a smooth delicious cold brew. Why not make a large pitcher and save it in the fridge for a few days? Or better yet, just click on the link below and order some that’s already been made for you! Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee is cold brewed for that smooth, sweet taste we love, with nothing extra added: no sweetners, no preservatives, no dairy. 

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Hot Brew Coffee

A hot cup of coffee on a cold day just seems right -- the satisfying aroma and crisp acidity that consume your senses. To many of us, the experience of a hot brew coffee is one of comfort and familiarity. 

The convenience of the brewing time is most likely where hot brew coffee has its most significant advantage when comparing cold brew vs hot brew coffee. It’s easy and quick to pour grounds, add water, flip a switch and walk away while a machine spits out a perfectly standard cup of joe. The speed of this heated brewing method makes a hot cup available almost anywhere you go -- from a friend's house to a restaurant, from a cafe to a bookstore, when a cup of coffee is offered, most times it will be brewed hot.  

Cold Brew vs Hot Brew Coffee: The Verdict

Each has its time and place. Coffee brewed hot can be made or purchased with some speed, but you won't find hot coffee being poured out of a can anytime soon. Nitro cold brew coffees are opening the door for cold brew to become the true on-the-go coffee beverage. It's hard to compete with the speed of grabbing a can from the fridge and walking out the door.


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