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Nitro Coffee

How to Drink Nitro Infused Cold Brew Beverages

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The experience of drinking a Nitro-infused beverage depends a lot on the way you do it. Read here to learn how you can improve you drinking experience and why it works.

Getting the Most Out of Your Nitro Infused Cold Brew

Nitro infused cold brew beverages are growing in popularity. They come in different styles and varieties and the questions won't go away until all the world has been introduced to nitro infused cold brew: What is nitro? What is the big deal?

Many drinking the beverage are already enjoying the difference. But for those who have yet to give it a try, knowing how to drink nitro infused cold brew will help you enjoy the drinks a lot more from the start. 

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Shake hard pour fast

The first step is a good hard shake. Nitrogen does not get released so easily, so the shake is a catalyst for the process. Look at the side of the can. It says “shake hard pour fast,” and we mean it. 

How you execute step two depends on the party level of yourself and those around you. The splash is real. Enjoy the process if you can, but be aware of who you're opening around, or you might attract some dirty looks from others that catch the spray. Some of the pro openers are suggesting the opening should be a team effort. Step up your squad goals by bringing in your crew for the best results.

Step three is getting your choice of beverage into a cup as soon as possible. Then, before you drink make sure to. . . 

Enjoy the cascade

Watching the nitrogen rise in your cup is a visual spectacle that makes the drinking of our nitro infused cold brew coffee a bonus. Watch the nitrogen bubbles cascade to the top to escape the beverage. Still, we know the beverage is what you came for, so don’t let the cascade take all the attention. 

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Flavor without additions

The shake hard pour fast process adds a new level of mouthfeel and character to your nitro infused cold brew beverage. All of the delicious flavor you need is right in the can with none of the damaging health additions. Quivr's coffee products contain nothing but the best coffee and filtered water. Quivr's tea products contain nothing but the highest grade tea and, you guessed it, filtered water. 

No additions. No secret ingredients. Just the best for your health and your drinking pleasure. Our coffee is sourced from Barrington Coffee, world-renowned for their coffee beans. Our Oolong tea comes from the Nantou region of Taiwan, where the best Oolongs on the planet are grown. Our Black Tea is from the Yunnan Province of China, said to be home of the world's first cultivated teas.

In short, we get our products from the best of their industries. We intend to bring ourselves to the same level in our craft while we help you raise your game too. 

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