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Nitro Coffee

What Is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and Why Drink It?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Your Questions On Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Answered

Nitro cold brew coffee seems to be everywhere all of a sudden -- even Starbucks is offering it on tap. Seemingly overnight everyone is talking about their nitro cold brew. Maybe you’re already on board and love your nitro coffee, or maybe you’ve seen it around but haven’t given it a shot yet. Either way, you may just be wondering, what is nitro cold brew coffee and why should I drink it?

These are valid questions. Where some people are willing to dive headfirst into the pool of what's new, some are not comfortable without gaining more information before they get involved. Perhaps the word nitro at the beginning of the phrase raises questions, or maybe it is just a general apprehension for getting involved too quickly with what's new. Not to worry -- we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn more about true cold nitro

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The Basics Of Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

Nitro Coffee is coffee with an infusion of nitrogen. The beverage will be found either in a can or poured through a tap. Immediately after pouring, you can see a creamy cascade of bubbles rising through the liquid. What you are seeing is the nitrogen moving to escape into the air. But, the question remains, what is the point of infusing coffee with nitrogen gas?

The primary motivation for the trend of infusing coffee with nitrogen gas is to keep the beverage fresh. Nitrogen is a gas that is everywhere - it’s the most prevalent gas in our atmosphere! At Quivr, we wrangle this gas into our beverages to purge them of oxygen and keep them fresh until you pop your can open. So wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can grab a can of Quivr and drink fresh, true cold nitro coffee or tea.

What To Watch Out For

You should probably know what’s in your nitro cold brew coffee, right? Some companies that are canning this product are using added sugars and other substances that would be best avoided. But not Quivr. We use only the purest ingredients that are ethically sourced. We aim to make beverages that will keep you hydrated while you power through your day. And we do this without preservatives, sugar or dairy, and most importantly, without compromising on taste.

Especially for those on specific nutrition plans - such as the Keto, Paleo, or Whole30 diets - you need to make sure you are consuming something that lives up to your standards. Quivr is an option that checks all the boxes -- using some of the best coffee on the planet from Barrington Coffee. Quivr also has one of the only Decaf Nitro options available on the market, as well as tea options. Whatever your desire, Quivr has a product for you. 

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