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Cold Brew Tea

A Nitro Iced Tea That Defies Expectations — It’s Like Loose Leaf in a Can

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Many tea drinkers have been consistently disappointed by the canned and bottled offerings of their favorite beverage style. Nobody has ever delivered a truly great nitro iced tea, until now.

The only nitro iced tea that provides the freshness and flavor of loose leaf

Black tea, herbal tea, cold brew tea, nitro iced tea — the world of tea is expansive and varied. As are tea drinkers with their preferences in style and taste. Some will prefer the sweeter stylings of boba tea and others will demand strictly loose leaf with nothing added. It is rare that these preferences overlap, however, we have aimed to create a tea that all can enjoy. Whether you consider yourself a discerning connoisseur or just someone who enjoys a nice cup of tea, we have created a nitro iced tea that will satisfy your palate.

Those who opt for loose leaf tea may find it hard to believe there is a canned version of the beverage they love.

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There is nitro iced tea, and then there’s this. . .

We would understand if tea drinkers are skeptical about any canned or bottled teas. The beverage industry has delivered one bottled tea after another that is overwhelmed with sweeteners, mixed with flavor-distorting preservatives, or is simply made with cheap, low-quality tea. All this is enough reason to make the tea drinker believe there could never be a great tea beverage served from a can.

We believed it was possible and found a method of delivering. The two methods that made the difference were the nitrogen infusion and - instead of a typical nitro iced tea - a cold brew of the highest quality tea.

A true cold brew will bring out flavors an iced tea never could. Cold brew reveals a new dimension to a tea leaf, especially with a nitro-beverage. The nitrogen infusion process preserves the beverage and makes it possible to enjoy the natural flavors more appropriately. Not only does a cold extraction bring sweeter tones out of the tea leaf, but it also expresses subtleties you may not have noticed with a heated brew. An iced tea is a standard cup of tea that’s been cooled down and put in a can. It cannot possibly deliver the same complexities. A true cold brew delivers an entirely new beverage for you to enjoy.

A natural tea flavor tea lovers can enjoy

We’ve established that a delicious nitro cold brew tea is possible. Still, the truth is, it is not the easiest beverage to make. Since the best results bring out the qualities of an already great tea, you can’t go putting any tea into a nitro beverage.

There is a reason tea fans are giving Quivr a chance. We’ve searched across the globe to find the very best teas to go into our True Cold Brew Black Tea and True Cold Brew Oolong Tea. Even some of the most particular tea drinkers are impressed by the high quality of tea they find in our cans.

From one of our tea-crazed aficionados:

“I’ve been exploring tea for ten years. I’ve drunk the best teas from Taiwan, China, India, Japan, and other parts of the world, many of them I even got to visit the plantations where the leaves were grown. I never thought I’d find a tea from a can that I’d enjoy. Quivr’s process gives their tea a natural, fresh flavor that I’m so impressed by.” -Matthew Hutchison- 

We love tea and are thrilled to be a catalyst in creating a new way to deliver tea at the highest quality. If you didn’t believe this was possible, we wouldn’t blame you. It seemed impossible for one reason: before this, nobody tried.

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