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Cold Brew Tea

Why Buy Cold Brew Tea? We’re So Glad You Asked

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Ashley Robertson

Ever tried cold brew tea or wondered if you are drinking the right one? We’ve compiled a list of the essential things you need to know when thinking about why you should buy cold brew tea.

What You Should Know When Making the Choice to Buy Cold Brew Tea

Before we get into the juicy stuff, we want to be completely honest. If you are wondering why you should buy cold brew tea, the answer is, sometimes you shouldn’t. There are plenty of cold brew teas on the market that are, simply put, rubbish. With that said, though, you do have quality options out there. So when you are looking to buy cold brew tea, here are some things we think you should keep in mind. There is a delicious buffet of reasons to buy cold brew tea, so let’s get right into it.

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Not Any Caffeine Will Do, You Need The Right Caffeine

Caffeine is a powerful and useful supplement, but it doesn’t treat everyone the same. Millions reach for a dose of caffeine from their preferred style of coffee or tea almost every day of the week. Still, there are others who are more sensitive to caffeine or just don’t like the way it makes them feel.

Wanting less caffeine and wanting no caffeine is an important distinction when it comes to buying cold brew tea. While you can expect most teas to have a lower caffeine level than their coffee bean counterpart, as long as it comes from the tea plant (camellia sinensis) the beverage will contain caffeine.

The difference is when it comes to herbal tea, like hibiscus ginger or rooibos. Calling these beverages tea is a bit of a misnomer since they rarely contain leaves from the aforementioned tea plant. Still, the wildly popular flavors give drinkers great options for beverages with no caffeine at all.

A Different Way To Deliver The Same Caffeine

An important thing about the way tea impacts your body is the other stimulants aside from caffeine. Tea actually contains four stimulants which include caffeine and L-theanine. L-theanine is a unique amino acid that changes the way the caffeine affects your body. 

L-theanine is associated with an increase in alpha waves in the brain. Alpha waves have been linked to a more alert relaxation and some studies have suggested that the combination of caffeine and L-theanine is beneficial to attention and brain function. 

The presence of L-theanine along with a generally lower level of caffeine across all tea products ensures that any boost of energy is going to be of a more relaxed and mellow nature.

Buy Cold Brew Tea For Great Flavor That’s Already There

It’s not just about caffeine. No matter what we are drinking or why there is an obvious and understandable preference for something that is going to taste great. One of the problems that much of the cold brew world encounters is that brands sometimes aim to achieve great taste through the use of additives, like sugars and artificial flavorings. This results in drinks that are inauthentic and uninteresting.

A cold brew tea that is made with a truly high-quality tea and the right process does not need any help from sweet additions to taste great. That is how Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea and Black Tea give you the best reasons to buy cold brew tea. Quivr gets tea from the best farms in the world and adds no nonsense. 

And, for those looking to find the caffeine-free herbal option need not worry. We’ve sourced the best in class ingredients to make our True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Tea. With three amazing choices, you can’t go wrong.

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