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Keto Diet

Figuring Out What to Drink for Energy on Keto: Keeping it Simple

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

It’s important to be intentional when deciding what your body needs when tired. Do you decide to rest or do you figure out what to drink for energy on keto?

Time to rest or time to choose what to drink for energy on keto? 

The shift to eating a keto diet often results in increased energy. Many athletes notice their overall performance increase after shifting to a keto diet. And yet... there are just those days when you need a little more. So, what to drink for energy on keto? 

Hydration can often help with fogginess or lethargy. Water is always a good start. 

The ultimate goal in any diet is to improve health, right? Sometimes what our body truly needs is to rest and recover, not push through the exhaustion. And, sometimes resting isn’t an option. So, in these moments how do you decide what to drink for energy on keto? Unfortunately, there are many keto energy drinks out there that should probably be avoided.

What not to drink:

Keto is quite the buzzword these days for sure, and there are plenty of keto drinks out on the market. A simple internet search will deliver almost infinite keto energy drinks. And energy drinks make money. Between 2017 and 2021 energy drink sales in the U.S. jumped from 11 billion to 14 billion dollars! If there's a magic solution being sold for what to drink for energy on keto we need to question the ingredients. 

The truth is we often don’t know what’s going into our beverages. Where is the caffeine coming from? How many ingredients are on the list? Is there a lot of sweetener or preservatives? While many of these drinks may pass the keto test they should probably be avoided.

If your goal is to improve health and your sense of wellbeing, stick to a few, whole food ingredients when picking out a keto energy drink.

So, what to drink for energy on keto?

Feeding and hydrating ourselves is an act of care and should remain that way. Here are some ideas when it comes to a perfect keto drink:

Water: The most basic of drinks and the one your body will always thank you for, but also not very flavorful.

Coffee:  Quivr’s Nitro Coffee is made with filtered water and high-quality coffee beans. Two ingredients! You won’t need to add any dairy as it has a creamy robust flavor all on its own. 

Herbal Teas: Great for times when you’re not wanting caffeine. If the blend has ginger, mint, or other carminative spices, it will not only help you hydrate but also get circulation going. We love the Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea  and the Turmeric Ginger Sachets.

Green Tea: Fresh, vibrant, and energizing. Give your energy a lift with some hot Jasmine tea or a cold Oolong Nitro Tea.

Black Tea: Hot, if you're needing something a little more cozy. Iced, if you’re wanting something refreshing. True Cold Nitro Black Tea will certainly hit the spot.

Quivr’s beverages contain no preservatives, added flavors, or dyes. Only simple ingredients that you're familiar with. Our coffees and teas are exactly what to drink for energy on keto. 

Whether you’re looking for a tasty caffeinated pick-me-up or a comforting herbal tea, Quivr’s got you covered with our line of totally keto-friendly beverages. Check out our shop!

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