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What Coffee is Keto Friendly? This is the Only One

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Ashley Robertson

The question “what coffee is keto friendly?” suggests that there are a lot of options. There aren’t. To find the best coffee companion for your keto diet, plain black is best.

What the question “what coffee is keto friendly” reveals about the keto industry- and what to do about it

The keto diet can be great for the right people. But it is a trend, just like many other diets before it. That trendiness can lead to some manipulation of what it actually means to follow a keto diet and what qualifies as quality keto food. It’s confusing to make sure you’re getting the right information.

So you’re wondering what coffee is keto friendly? The answer is simple: black coffee. 

It’s true that there are certain keto-friendly additions to black coffee, but it is best to start with the basics. Black coffee. If you can manage the flavor, stick with it. 

This is especially important when you are looking into nitro cold brew coffee for a keto diet. Many companies use a variety of additives to flavor up their coffee. This can have a negative impact on your ketosis.

Many natural and artificial sweeteners will kick you out of ketosis. Putting your lifestyle at risk with any old nitro coffee won’t do. Read on about how Quivr’s True Cold Brew Nitro Coffee is the perfect keto friendly coffee option.

What coffee is keto friendly and why?

Caffeine can be a great addition to your keto diet. Caffeine consumption is linked with an increase in ketone production. So, coffee is a great place to start. The problem comes with how most people consume caffeine. 

Whether it is through coffee or tea, caffeine is often mixed with flavorful additives like sugar or other sweeteners. These additions throw you out of ketosis. 

Quivr’s True Cold Brew Nitro Coffee provides you the ketosis boost of caffeine without adding anything to throw you off. Here is what you find in a can of Quivr:

  • Sustainably sourced coffee
  • Filtered water
  • Nitrogen

That’s all! The nitrogen might lead to questions, so let’s answer them quickly. A nitrogen infusion is used to protect the coffee from oxidation. Nitrogen takes up the negative space in the can so oxygen can’t degrade the beverage.

Thanks to the nitrogen infusion, your drink tastes as fresh when you open the can as it was when we sealed it just after its extensive cold brew process.

A black coffee with great flavor

You might be glad to hear that the cold brew process helps make black coffee more palatable, by removing some of the bitter flavors. It also heightens some of the sweeter qualities of the bean, which gives this coffee a slight caramel note. The added benefit of our black coffee is the extra texture the nitrogen infusion provides.

This coffee will also supercharge your ketosis. Our cold brew goes through a long extraction with a higher concentration of beans. The process results in a higher caffeine content which means a higher ketone production.

If you are more caffeine sensitive, you’ll want to explore our lower and no-caffeine options. Each of them is made with high-grade ingredients with no additives. Even without as much caffeine, our coffees make a great beverage companion for your keto diet. 

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