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Keto Friendly Holiday Drinks to Make Your Gift Giving a Breeze

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

For the keto-dieter who has everything: keto friendly holiday drinks to make you look like the best gift-giver ever. With a range of top-quality flavors, there is something for almost anyone on your list.

Your dieting friends and family will love these keto friendly holiday drinks

For some of us, gift giving can bring about a certain amount of stress during the holiday season. Still, there is no feeling quite like the reaction you receive from friends and family when you’ve given them the absolute perfect gift. We can all agree that the best gifts are the ones that show thoughtfulness, care, and consideration. Best of all is a gift that can also make their lives better. This makes our keto friendly holiday drinks the ideal gift for your dieting and fitness-crazed loved ones. 

A main thing that can make gift giving such a challenge is the many different sorts of people you are looking to please. It would be lovely if one simplified gift could be sent to everyone on your list - ok, maybe the thoughtfulness would be lacking, but it would make everything a lot easier! How about one present that comes in many varieties to suit almost anybody on your list?

Keto friendly holiday drinks to suit everybody on your holiday fitness list

Small preferences make a big difference. The keto dieter on your list, especially if they are still adapting to the keto lifestyle, may have trouble finding keto-friendly options that meet their preferences. 

What better way to show them you’re thinking of them than by gifting them something to help them achieve their goals? The True Cold Brew Nitro beverage line from Quivr provides keto friendly holiday drinks for all types of flavor styles. Best of all, it is ethically sourced, brewed, and canned at its freshest to ensure there is no better drinking experience you can find. 

For the Coffee Lover

Our True Cold Brew Nitro Coffee uses the highest quality, ethically sourced beans on the planet from Barrington Coffee Roasters. We grind our beans just before a 20+ hour cold brew process and can the beverage immediately after with a nitrogen infusion to preserve the highest level of freshness. 

We’ll only say this once because it applies to every beverage on our line: zero carbs, zero sugar, zero anything added. 

For the Caffeine-Free

Where there is coffee, there better be an excellent decaf option. Instead of just any decaf option, we created the best True Cold Brew Nitro Decaf Coffee there is.

With sweet caramel notes, this decaf coffee elevates decaf from an alternative to caffeine into a delicious go-to beverage. 

For the Tea Lover

If the person on your list prefers a lower caffeinated drinking experience, we offer two teas that will transform the way anybody thinks about tea in a can.

The True Cold Brew Nitro Black Tea comes from a tea farm in China where you can find some of the best black teas on the planet. The choice of tea is not coincidental. We wanted to find the best, so we could let the tea speak for itself. The result is a fresh and delicious flavor that you might never believe traveled across the world to reach you.

The same goes for our True Cold Brew Nitro Oolong Tea. The tea for this beverage comes from Nantou in Taiwan, the oolong capital of the world. We would go nowhere else to find a great oolong. Here, they hold their oolong to an exceptionally high standard. The island rewarded our faith with a beautifully flavorful tea.

For the Herbalist

Where there are tea drinkers, there will be herbal tea drinkers. The best way to make a great herbal tea is with the best ingredients, and we’ve brought together the best from around the globe to make our tangy, flavorful True Cold Brew Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea

For Mixing It Up

Of course, we can appreciate that there is always room for variety. That is why we offer a True Cold Variety Pack where you can choose up to four flavors to have packaged and delivered together. 

With options for so many of your keto friends, there is no doubt that you can find a gift subscription to fulfill their keto beverage needs.

Don’t forget to treat yourself to a sample pack as well. The season is not only for treating others.

True. Cold. Nitro.