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Cold Brew Tea

What Makes a True Cold Brew Iced Tea? Stop Drinking the Fake Stuff NOW

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

There is true cold brew iced tea and then there is cold tea. The difference is noticeable and important even though some brands try to make them seem the same. You get an entirely different product with a true cold brew.

A true cold brew iced tea is better than your average iced tea in so many ways

Don’t be fooled by the brands that label their leaf water as “iced tea”. They are usually not a true cold brew iced tea and are often made with a low-quality tea that you don’t really want anything to do with. 

Why not? We’ll let you know in a second. 

First, it is important to understand the basic distinction between your typical iced tea and a true cold brew iced tea. It’s all about the process and it makes a big difference in the finished product. 

Iced tea could be any kind of tea that is served cold. True cold brew iced tea is brewed with cold water over a much longer period of time. This brewing style changes what is extracted from the leaf and the flavor of the final product.

Of course, they are both served cold and are easily confused for one another. But, if you experience the difference you’ll see how much the way it’s brewed can impact the taste.

Is true cold brew iced tea better?

There is something important to understand about a true cold brew iced tea versus a standard iced tea. The cold brew process is long, usually at least 24-hours.

You need to get conditions and portions exactly right every time in order to have a consistent, quality result. Plus, since you’re drawing on the inherent character of the leaf, you need to start with a great tea.

A lot of companies are more interested in getting products out for sale as fast as possible. They don’t go through the process of finding the best teas and putting those teas through rigorous processes.

That’s why you see a lot of iced teas or cold brews with additives to heighten flavor. Branding might imply those additions are there for other reasons, but it is really just to hide a below-average tea. 

If you really have a great cold brew iced tea, you only need two ingredients: tea and water. 

The fresh factor

To deliver a product that is simply made from great tea and water isn’t easy. It’s hard to keep the finished product fresh. That’s why you never see it on your grocery store shelves. 

Once you make the tea, it degrades over time as long as it is in contact with oxygen (this is called oxidation). So, we decided to introduce another process to keep that just-brewed freshness in our teas.

An infusion of nitrogen gas into each can of Quivr pushes out all the oxygen and ensures our tea still has its crisp, fresh flavor when you open it.

With the wide variety of teas, we went got the best ingredients to make our three different styles. 

Can’t choose just one? That’s okay. You can mix up to four (maybe add one of our coffee drinks) in our True Cold Nitro Variety Pack.

True. Cold. Nitro.