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Cold Brew Tea

The Best Cold Brew Tea is a Fresh Cold Brew Tea

Written by:

Ashley Roberson

The best cold brew tea is a fresh cold brew tea. With the best processes and the best teas, you can have freshness on another level.

When you understand what goes into the best cold brew tea, you’ll be more careful about which cold brew you drink

For the best cold brew tea, there shouldn’t need to be anything added. Tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water (and that’s not a fair competition). If tea is second only to the life-giving elixir, it must be doing something right. Tea is a remarkable beverage yet brands continue to add so much to tea as if it wasn’t already good enough. Tea is just fine on its own. 

In fact, it is better than fine. Whether you prefer a traditionally heated brew, iced tea, or cold brew, a quality tea won’t need any additions to provide a delicious drink. The absolute best way to drink tea of any style is by leaving it alone. 

Still, you won’t find too many cold brew teas on the market that don’t have flavoring added. You always find some sweetness or citrus added on the label and it changes the flavor dramatically. If tea is so good on its own, why is this the case? There are two answers to this, and it unlocks the path to the best cold brew you can find. 

The best cold brew tea is simple, but not easy

The best cold brew tea has a long infusion in cold water. Often this takes as much as 24 hours or more. That requires some patience, but the infusion is about the only thing that is necessary. That’s not too complicated. 

A cold brew can bring out some of the best flavors from tea because the cold water doesn’t extract the tannins from the leaf that a heated brew would. That means even though you have a very long infusion, you won’t get a bitter flavor you could with a heated infusion. 

The difficult part is getting this beverage to customers while it is still at its best. Once the extraction happens, the best time to drink is immediately. Afterwards, oxidation begins to take place and the beverage begins to degrade steadily. This is where a lot of those additions come in. Citric acid and other additives preserve the tea. But they also do a lot to change the flavor of your beverage.

This is also why there are usually lower quality teas in cold brew tea offers. If a brand needs to change the flavor of the tea through additives anyway, why would they spend time finding the best teas? For most, the essential part of the finished product is in what they add to their tea, not in the tea itself. 

The solution that makes the best and freshest cold brew tea

Preserving tea without additives means you focus on the tea instead of how to change it. We are able to do just that with a nitrogen infusion. The nitrogen fills the negative space in our cans so that oxidation cannot occur. By canning with a nitrogen infusion just after cold brewing we preserve all the fresh flavors from the leaf. 

It’s like having your cold brew made right in front of you. We call this True Cold Nitro. Best of all, since we avoid preservatives, we put our focus on finding the absolute best teas. Simple right? The best teas make the best cold brew.

You can get our True Cold Nitro Black Tea, our herbal True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea and seasonal True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea now and experience what a true fresh cold brew tastes like. Or choose up to four of our delicious, fresh flavors with the True Cold Nitro Variety Pack. The best cold brew tea is a fresh cold brew tea.

True. Cold. Nitro.