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Cold Brew Tea

This Nitro Brew Tea Is the Best New Way To Drink a Truly Fresh Tea

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

There is a big difference between drinking tea and drinking truly fresh tea. Here is one of the best ways to drink it — Quivr’s nitro brew tea.

This nitro brew tea and its freshness will transport you to the fields where it was grown

A habitual tea drinker will likely remember the first time they drank a genuinely great tea. There is something categorically different about drinking a freshly brewed loose leaf tea instead of drinking the product of low-grade shavings in a teabag. The flavor is different. The quality is different. And, the difference is dramatic. The first time you drink a nitro brew tea from Quivr can be a similar experience. 

Most people can never believe this level of freshness could come from a canned beverage. The truth is, the secret to truly fresh tea on-the-go is not in the container it’s held in, be it can or bottle was always, but in the method of preservation. This is the difference-maker that is changing the canned beverage industry.

How does nitro brew tea do it?

Well, the first secret is in the misnomer of ‘nitro brew tea.’ While the nitrogen infusion does play an essential role in making the finished product as fresh as you could dream, the tea is not actually brewed in nitrogen.

The differentiating factor is not in what the nitrogen adds to the drink - although the cascade upon pouring is a satisfying benefit - it is much more about what the nitrogen allows us to take away. By removing the preservatives that warp the beverage’s integrity, our focus can shift solely to delivering a fantastic and fresh product. The focus is to find the best tea, make it fresh, and let the flavor speak for itself.

Imagine drinking a can of tea you found in the produce section of your grocery store. It sounds absurd, but that would be the best place to put Quivr because that is the level of freshness delivered in each can. 

A product of patience and meticulous attention

Whether you are sampling True Cold Nitro Black Tea, Oolong Tea, or the caffeine-free Hibiscus Ginger, a vital process goes into each Quivr tea that separates them from the pack.

Patience and meticulous attention ensure that each Quivr tea finds its way into your hand at the highest quality. First is the meticulous search to find the best ingredients. The oolong tea comes from Taiwan’s famed Nantou region, which holds its tea to stringent standards. The black tea from China’s legendary tea-producing Yunnan Province, and the hibiscus ginger possesses choice ingredients from India, Egypt, and China. In all of these beverages, Quivr finds the best ingredients and then treats them with the best processes.

Once the best is found it is all about carefully measured processes to deliver the freshest result. A true cold brew steeping over the course of a full day brings out unique flavor notes that a standard brew or iced beverage can’t achieve.

The proof is in the freshness of the flavor. It is Quivr’s crowning achievement, and for a limited time, you can experience it for yourself with a sample four-pack


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