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Quivr’s Vegan Body Scrub Line Leaves No Debate in the World of Skin Care

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Almost everything is debatable. That’s why Quivr set out to make a vegan body scrub that leaves no question about what is best for your skin.

How a vegan body scrub gives you the best skin care solutions, no questions asked

People are always going back and forth about the benefits of one diet over another—Which is best for your health? Which is more ethical? Which is the smartest? That debate will likely never end, as every body is different and each of us requires a different diet for optimal health. However, one thing that is unquestioned is the advantage and benefit of using a vegan body scrub. 

Yes, the ingredients inside Quivr’s Matcha + Coconut and Coffee + Coconut body scrubs are good enough to eat, but that’s not the point. We have no interest in turning your shower time into another mealtime. We use ingredients that are so fresh and good enough to eat because we know that is how you get the best results for your skin.

Just because we know people like to debate, there will probably be somebody out to argue that a carnivore body scrub is the way to go. Well, I don’t know what that is, but it sounds gross either way. Just to remove confusion and debate from the situation, let’s paint a clear picture of what a vegan body scrub does for you and why there is no debating the benefits. 

How a vegan body scrub changes the way you wash

With fresh, naturally occurring ingredients, you can ensure that your skin is taken care of by the best nature has to offer. This vegan body scrub gives you the ingredients people have used for centuries as the best things for their beauty and skin health. 

New studies and information are great (which also suggest these ingredients are great), but there is nothing more valuable than what has stood the test of time. Many of the ingredients in our Matcha and Coffee body scrubs have done just that. 

Dead Sea Salt is one of the most sought-after skincare product and has been for generations. Multiple historical figures going back thousands of years have held the Dead Sea in high regard for its nutrient rich soil. Today, people still flock to the Dead Sea and swear by its therapeutic and rejuvenating properties.

The Dead Sea is considered the world’s largest “Natural Spa”, and the powerful salts of this sea are only one of the essential ingredients included in our Quivr vegan body scrub line.

Two styles to suit you

Although you won’t be consuming these products (again, you could, but we don’t suspect you’ll enjoy the flavor too much), we created two individual styles to suit your unique preferences. The Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub and the Matcha + Coconut Body Scrub each have their own unique combination of all-natural ingredients to provide you with two perfect options to suit your style.

Both utilize Dead Sea salt, organic cane sugar, and virgin coconut oil. Then, each scrub delivers its own unique combination of exfoliants, moisturizers, and antioxidants guaranteeing that you can’t go wrong with either decision. In the world of dieting, you can’t escape debate. But in the world of skincare, Quivr’s vegan body scrub line brings the conversation to a hard stop.


About the Dead Sea

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