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Cleaning Your Body With Food: Body Scrub Benefits That Will Surprise You

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Ashley Robertson

Quivr’s Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub has already gained great reviews from early customers. Read about the ingredients we use and some of the body scrub benefits you’ll see when you feed your skin the food it deserves.

There are many body scrub benefits when you treat your skin with the care it deserves after the hard work you put in

Would you be surprised to see a package of body scrub while walking down an aisle for premium cooking ingredients? We don’t really expect grocery stores to stock our scrubs with coconut oil or ground coffee, but they would be right at home on those shelves. That’s because Quivr makes sure that every bit of what goes into our body scrub is good enough to eat because we know our body scrub benefits reach deeper than your skin.

Fair warning: this doesn’t mean it tastes good, it’s a bit salty!

Body scrub benefits of each essential ingredient

Every ingredient that goes into our body scrub is carefully selected. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, so when you put something on your skin, you are actually feeding it. So, give it something good enough to eat. That is how we select each of the ingredients in Quivr’s Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub.

Body scrub benefits of Coffee

Some spa treatments opt to use caffeine through masks, body scrubs, and other treatments for its positive impact on skin. When directly applied, the caffeine can reduce inflammation and brighten skin while smoothing away wrinkles and visible cellulite. 

We’re not the first ones to do it, but we’ve got an awful lot of coffee, and we’d be remiss in refusing you a chance to reap all the potential benefits. Since the coffee alone isn’t enough to make a well-rounded body scrub, we added some other powerful ingredients to rejuvenate, revitalize, and moisturize your skin.

Organic Cane Sugar

Do you know what a humectant is? No? You’re not the only one. The word refers to something particularly good at retaining moisture. As it turns out, organic cane sugar is ideal for this role. 

Apart from adding some sweetness to the salty flavor of this body scrub (not nearly enough; we still don’t recommend eating it), the sugar particles can operate to bring out your healthier and brighter skin while maintaining moisture. 

Dead Sea Salt

The Dead Sea is famous for several curious qualities, including how dangerously salty the water is. The salts have many great benefits for the skin, and the Dead Sea is even known as the location of one of the world’s first health spas. Cleopatra is said to have had the area invaded so she could have access to its mud.

Now, the benefits ancients once went to war over can be yours in a bag of Quivr’s Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub. Dead Sea Salt baths are known to exfoliate dry and flaky skin while strengthening skin and stimulating blood circulation. 

Virgin Coconut Oil

Of course, a coffee and coconut body scrub would not be complete without the body scrub benefits of virgin coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil does not only add some of the title qualities to the body scrub, but it is also used to treat several skin ailments and is high in components known to make the skin smooth.

Will leave you feeling so fresh and smooth

These ingredients and more combine to give your skin the best food it has ever had. At Quivr, we were confident that our body scrub would receive great feedback. Still, even we were surprised by the volume of great reviews we received quickly after the body scrub release. 

I am a Crossfit athlete and my skin goes through a lot. I get very dirty in the gym so coming home to a shower and this scrub is life-changing. Get rid of dead skin and helps keep the skin so smooth. It helps keep it clear and get rid of dead skin that doesn't need to be there. Plus I love coffee so that’s the best part is the smell! I highly recommend! - Jessi Kuhlman

This scrub feels spectacular on your skin, great exfoliant. I have severe plaque psoriasis and after 2 days my skin still feels soft and smooth. I still can't believe how soft it feels. If it makes my skin feel like this just imagine how skin without psoriasis will feel. You won't be disappointed. -Mary Harbin-

You can get these body scrub benefits for yourself on our shop page. Your skin has been waiting to be fed as it deserves, don’t keep it waiting any longer.


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