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How Green Tea in a Natural Exfoliant Makes for Life-Altering Skincare

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Green tea is great for your skin. Quivr has found a way to supercharge the benefits of green tea and combine them with other ingredients to make a spa-grade, totally natural exfoliant.

Natural exfoliant with the right additions can make your skin feel better than ever before

Exfoliation is a word often thrown about in the world of skincare. If you think about your skin and want to take care of it you most certainly know all about exfoliation. Of course, a natural exfoliant is the way to go. Giving yourself and your skin the freshest ingredients possible is the best way to get the best results.

Still, exfoliation can’t be the paramount product of the skincare world. The more you learn about anything, the more there is to learn. So, what else are we missing about skincare when we only spend time thinking about exfoliation? More importantly, what can help us take care of these added dimensions?

As it turns out, green tea is ripe with all kinds of benefits for the skin. These benefits don’t only apply to drinking green tea either. By applying green tea to your skin, you experience a wealth of benefit from this wonder-leaf. Plus, there is a way to supercharge those benefits that we’ll reveal in just a moment. 

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The skincare superpowers of green tea

Scientists have conducted mounds of research on the many benefits green tea has on your skin. Evidence has shown that some of the skincare superpowers of green tea include preventing acne, reducing signs of aging, and playing a role in preventing some skin cancers. Really, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Green tea extract has shown some potential benefits when being used for a range of skin ailments, including acne, candidiasis, keloids, and warts. This is what you can get from a green tea extract but there is another way to utilize the benefits of green tea to milk the benefits. 

Matcha powder is a well-known powdered tea. Matcha powder is actually just super-concentrated green tea leaves ground into a fine powder. The concentration of green tea in the powder plays a role in how matcha can impact your skin’s health.

Using matcha powder in our natural exfoliant for skincare perfection

After uncovering the superpower uses of green tea and matcha, in particular, it would be a mistake for Quivr to ignore the potential benefits to be had by making a natural exfoliant. And so we created a new body scrub combining the powers of matcha powder with the benefits of cane sugar and Dead Sea salt. 

The natural exfoliant strengths of cane sugar and Dead Sea salt combine with virgin coconut oil, grape seed oil, cold-pressed lemongrass oil, and stone-ground green tea to make a skincare product worthy of high-end spas.

Our Matcha + Coconut Body Scrub is an A-list combination of all the best things for your skin found in one package. We put the best into this scrub because we know you work hard to get the best out of every day. At the end of the day, you and your skin deserve a revitalizing experience worthy of the effort put in. 

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