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3 Reasons Why This Coffee Body Scrub Should Be Your New Skincare Go-To

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The surprising benefits of coffee body scrub give you plenty of reasons to treat your skin better than you ever have before.

The surprising benefits this coffee body scrub has for your skin

It’s often difficult to pull out one ingredient that makes a body scrub standout as something special. However when it comes to coffee grounds, there are an assortment of benefits they offer that make it a star ingredient. In fact, there are so many benefits your skin will thank you.

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How coffee body scrub saves your skin

Coffee grounds won’t do everything for your skin, but they do an awful lot. Let’s take a look at some of the ways coffee grounds help revitalize your skin.

Skin exfoliation

Exfoliation may be one of the more well-known uses of coffee grounds. Still, they don’t get nearly as much credit or respect for the great exfoliator they are. 

The coarse particles operate as an ideal scrubbing agent to remove particles of dead and dry skin that remain on the surface of your body. They are made more useful for scrubbing since they will not dissolve in water. 

UV protection

Polyphenols and other antioxidants in coffee grounds provide excellent protection from the UV rays of the sun. 

Antioxidants are ideal anti-aging properties for your skin. Studies have led some researchers to suggest that antioxidants from coffee consumption or coffee ground application could reduce UV age spots on skin and faces.

Drinking coffee is one way to get these benefits, but if you would like some more or are sensitive to the caffeine through consumption, using a coffee body scrub will provide the perfect answer.

Soften your biggest problem areas

We’ve talked about the great exfoliation properties of coffee grounds, which is one reason they are so effective in softening up problem areas like elbows and the bottoms of your feet.

The caffeine that remains in coffee grounds stimulates blood flow in the areas the grounds are applied. The improved blood flow in turn improves the overall health of the skin in the area.

While you may already plan to use the coffee body scrub on elbows, shoulders, hands, and other places that can easily become dry and irritated, the softening effect of coffee grounds give you a perfect reason to use these grounds in a footbath. Treat yourself to a spa-style bath in the comfort of your own home and get you the skin you never thought you could get on your own.

The grounds are great. But wait, there’s more.

If the powerful impact the coffee grounds have on your skin wasn’t enough to give you reason to try out Quivr’s Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub, there are a plethora of ingredients in the body scrub that will leave your skin begging for more. 

Organic Cane Sugar, Dead Sea Salt, Virgin Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Orange Oil, and Cardamom give your skin a buffet of real food to enjoy. These are fresh ingredients that revitalize and energize your skin in ways you used to only find through high-end treatments.

We believe anything you use on your body should be good enough to eat, and this product is feeding your skin everything it’s been looking for. 

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