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Quivr’s Coconut Body Scrub Treats You Better Than Royalty

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Quivr’s coconut body scrub uses ingredients that have been famed in skincare for centuries. Not only that, we took those famous methods and improved upon them for a result that is fit for royalty.

This coconut body scrub takes history’s most renowned ingredients and improves on them

Want to know how to pamper your skin? Look at the people in history who prioritized giving their skin the best treatment possible. Quivr uses Dead Sea Salt in our coconut body scrub formulas for exactly this reason. Why?

The Dead Sea is famed for its healing properties and has been far back in history. Cleopatra coveted the salt and mud of the Dead Sea and ordered spas and factories to be built on the shores of the sea. 

The Dead Sea has continued to be a central location for health research. Its minerals are known to cure psoriasis, acne, cellulite, and other skin ailments. 

Dead Sea Salt is an essential ingredient in Quivr’s coconut body scrubs, but we’ve taken more steps that take this body scrub far beyond the royal treatment than even Cleopatra received. 

Going the extra mile with Quivr’s coconut body scrubs

Using history’s greatest ingredients was only step one. A legitimate grocery list of ingredients is in our two landmark body scrub products: Matcha & Coconut and Coffee & Coconut. And when we say “grocery list,” we’re talking about the kind of things you would find in the produce section of your store. This is VERY intentional.

You shouldn’t be putting anything on your skin that you wouldn’t want to put into your body. We formulated our scrubs with that in mind and made two body scrubs that are good enough to eat. Ingredients like coffee arabica, orange oil, sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and organic cane sugar (just to name a few) give you a spa-level treatment luxurious enough for royalty. 

We painstakingly selected these ingredients to find the perfect combination for you to heal your hardworking skin. But, you may ask, why coffee and why matcha? We’re glad you asked because these are the catalysts of skincare in our formulas.

Our not so secret ingredients for the royal treatment

The skin benefits of matcha and coffee are no secret. Both come with an assortment of antioxidants that help fight off free radicals and prevent diseases like skin cancer. But, more than that, they are both effective in reducing signs of aging on the skin.

These benefits can be gained through drinking them or absorbing them through your skin. You may have heard of the benefits of putting tea bags onto your eyes. This is the same idea.

But the benefits of using these ingredients in a body scrub go even further because the fine, granulated textures are ideal for exfoliation. Some body scrubs will use small synthetic beads for exfoliation purposes. Instead, Quivr is able to keep our coconut body scrub 100% natural with matcha and coffee while gaining added benefits at the same time.

The benefits are many and so are the fans. This from just one reviewer on Amazon:

“This is amazing! I wasn't sure how it would work for me because my skin is so sensitive. There was no need to worry because my skin feels the best it has felt in a long time! I used this from head to toe and I love it! If you haven't tried this yet, what are you waiting for? I am about to order some more just so I won't run out.” -Laura Bass-

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