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Body Scrub

The Best Body Scrub for Men and Women Must Be Good Enough to Eat

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Skincare is about more than just picking the right soap. Great body scrub for men has these natural ingredients and is important to a man’s skincare routine because it does what soap doesn’t.

Setting the record straight: Why this body scrub for men uses only fresh, natural ingredients

Washing with your food sounds a bit ridiculous. After all, people don’t go home and get into a food fight to wash up after a day of work or a gym session. And, while a food fight is not our recommendation for shower-time, you should be looking for natural, fresh ingredients that would be good enough to eat when you want a great body scrub for men.

The movement to natural ingredients has already begun in the world of soap, but this is an important distinction. Soap does not do what body scrubs do. Natural soaps are great too, but they cleanse the skin. Soaps are not for exfoliation and revitalization. These are body scrubs’ functions, and great body scrub is critical for the man that puts his body and skin through the stresses of intense exercise and hard work. 

Soap usually gets all the attention since it is the base-line attraction of skincare products. Still, for any man that cares about treating their skin well, they need to look for a high-quality body scrub for men with the right ingredients. 

What is in a great body scrub for men and why use it?

Just like with soaps, it is essential to avoid synthetic ingredients in your body scrubs. At some point, consumers became obsessed with the idea of the lathering of soaps as the sign that they were working. Lathering became a cue of a good product, so it became industry practice to use lathering agents in their soaps and other cleaning materials. That marked the downfall of quality skincare.

Let’s set the record straight now. Soap does not need to have a lathering effect to work, and you certainly don’t need that in a body scrub. The most important parts of a body scrub are natural ingredients like salt or sugar with a coarse texture to scrub the skin and essential oils to repair it. 

The right body scrub will accomplish many things, including:

  • Aiding quality skin cell turnover
  • Removing dead cells
  • Moisturizing dry skin areas
  • Smoothing skin and removing impurities

The best of the right ingredients

Getting the right ingredients is moving in a good direction, but getting the best kind of the right ingredients is even better. Dead Sea Salt, cardamom, organic cane sugar, orange oil, coconut oil, and grapeseed oil are examples of the kinds of things that go into the best body scrub for men. These are ingredients that feed your skin, remove the bad, and bring out the glow you have underneath old skin cells. 

Quivr offers two separate styles with their mixture of good-enough-to-eat ingredients. It’s not intended to taste great, so we don’t recommend consumption. Find your style between the Coffee and Coconut Body Scrub or the Matcha and Coconut blend

With top-rate ingredients in each, you truly can’t go wrong. A man needs to treat his skin with care after the work he puts it through. Start giving your skin the food it’s been longing for. 


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