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High-Quality Nitro Cold Brew Ingredients Can Disrupt the Sugar Addiction

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The dangers of sugar are well-known, and yet it’s still everywhere! Luckily, Quivr has found that with high-quality nitro cold brew ingredients, it’s easy to leave out the sugar.

It’s hard to break a sugar addiction. Luckily these nitro cold brew ingredients can lead you to enjoy sugar-free drinks.

Considering all we know about the damage sugar can cause to our bodies—diabetes, obesity, tooth decay, just to name a few—it’s hard to believe that sugar addiction isn’t taken more seriously. Sugar is everywhere! Natural sugar is one thing, but the refined sugar found in many processed foods is a real problem. And this may seem like a weird leap to make, but how you drink your coffee, could have a pretty big impact on your sugar intake. For instance, let’s talk about how nitro cold brew ingredients can help to combat your sugar addiction and help you live a healthier life. 

We’ll get to those ingredients in a minute, but I want to clarify just how addictive sugar can be. Studies have shown that sugar creates similar brain activity to that of cocaine. Now if you saw ‘CONTAINS COCAINE’ on the ingredients list of your food, you would put it back on the shelf in a hurry, right? Well, maybe you should start having that reaction when you see high amounts of added sugar. 

How truth makes nitro cold brew ingredients the real game-changer

However you look at it, the road to recovery, avoidance, or improvement begins with having less sugar in your diet. One of the biggest culprits of adding sugar and other damaging ingredients to your diet is misleading marketing. 

Most foods are now labeled to make you think they’ll be good for you. Labels are louder than ever boasting words like diet, GMO-free, Vegan, fat-free, natural flavor, organic, or any of an endless list of promotional claims. The thing is, none of these actually mean healthy. Food can be any of those things and still be terrible for you.

With our nitro cold brew ingredients, we created the perfect method for combating these confusing labels. Start with great ingredients and don’t add anything. 

By choosing better, you get better

Sugar is one of the biggest violators of this labeling trick. Brands know sugar is addictive and if you learn to get your fix with their product, it’s good for their pockets. If you pay attention to food labels, you’ll notice it is difficult to find products that don’t have at least a little bit of sugar added.

Quivr found that these additions are completely unnecessary if you start with the right ingredients. For example, all of our True Cold Nitro beverages, from our True Cold Nitro Coffee to our True Cold Nitro Hibiscus Ginger Tea, have absolutely nothing added to them. They are simply tea or coffee and water. This is a huge jump from the practice of using the cheapest tea and flavoring it with sugar and other additives. It is a change that can help you cut down on your sugar and change your health in a huge way.


Is Sugar More Addictive Than Cocaine?

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