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Cold brew coffee

Is Cold Brew Coffee Good For You? The Details You Need to Know

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Ashley Robertson

Is cold brew coffee good for you? The benefits of regular coffee and cold brew coffee are quite similar despite the brewing process differences.

How you should drink your coffee when wondering, “Is cold brew coffee good for you?”

Long-term coffee drinkers have already enjoyed the benefits of coffee. Still, they may wonder how the newly popularized styles of coffee impact the way coffee works for or against you. You already know that adding things to food and drinks can dramatically change its health benefits, but what about the way you create your beverage? With canned and bottled versions of cold brew coffees becoming more popular, you have to wonder, is cold brew coffee good for you? And, if so, which ones are the best ones to drink? Are there specific things that coffee drinkers should be looking for when they drink cold brew coffee?

The differences you should understand

Drinking cold brew coffee is not quite the same as drinking a regular cup. You’ll notice differences in flavor right away, and it can be helpful to understand where those differences come from. 

A regular cup of coffee is more astringent because a heated brew extracts more aroma and tannins resulting in a more acidic beverage. This acidity leads to the bitter flavor many people prefer to ease by adding things like cream and sugar. 

Cold brew doesn’t have the same acidity because a cold water extraction leads to a sweeter taste and is absent of the intense, bitter acidity. Still, that doesn’t answer the question: is cold brew coffee good for you?

Although the difference in brewing style leads to a noticeable change in flavor, it doesn’t have a huge impact on the actual nutritional content of your coffee, except for one noticeable difference: caffeine.

Cold brew coffee is made with a much higher volume of coffee beans to water, resulting in higher caffeine content. 

Is cold brew coffee good for you? The Verdict

If you are familiar with the health benefits of a standard cup of coffee, you’ll get the same benefits from a cup of cold brew. The list of researched benefits is vast. More work is needed to create a comprehensive list with sound support, but here are a few of the many highlights:

  • Coffee is a tremendous source of antioxidants
  • It may help prevent type 2 diabetes
  • Can lower risk of certain cancers
  • Contains a range of essential nutrients
  • Helps burn fat

This is just the beginning. So, yes, cold brew coffee can be good for you. If anything, cold brew coffee could intensify these benefits because of a higher concentration of beans in the brewing process. Still, you may notice one obvious benefit that is missing. 

The boost of energy that caffeine gives can be a definite plus, but a select few people should be cautious. If you know you have a caffeine sensitivity, the increased caffeine level in cold brew coffee could cause discomfort. 

This much is certain: the best benefits come from the best coffee. With that said, there is no better cold brew to try than Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Coffee. Quivr uses nothing but the best coffee and water to ensure you get the best of all potential benefits. 

Even better, if you are looking to avoid an increase in caffeine intake, Quivr has one of the only decaf nitro coffees available. Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee is all about flavor and allows you to get coffee’s health benefits without a spike in caffeine intake.


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