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Nitro Coffee

All You Need to Know About Nitrogen Infused Coffee

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The wave of nitrogen infused coffee is growing bigger and bigger. The best thing about it is that it can taste great without adding anything. Find a good nitrogen infused coffee and you will change your coffee drinking life.

Nitrogen infused coffee is a wonderful drink with added benefits and great taste for the coffee lover 

Just like the explosion of Starbucks brought on a new wave of high-maintenance coffee drinkers, a new trend is catching on catering to a lower maintenance style that doesn’t lose anything in the process. Nitrogen infused coffee in stores, cafes, and even online.

If you are a coffee lover and you have not tried nitrogen infused coffee, it probably won’t be long until you feel obliged. Knowing a little about the beverage before you drink it can give you a better platform to judge the experience. 

Who knows? Nitro coffee doesn’t need to replace your grande almond milk mocha latte, extra hot, no whip, with half the pumps. But it would be an easier order for a friend to remember if they’re making a coffee run for you. 

What you need to know about nitrogen infused coffee

You could call nitrogen infused coffee just regular coffee but that misses the mark. Understanding a little more about how the nitrogen infusion works might change the way you think about your coffee drinking. 

What does the nitrogen do?

You’ll recognize the nitrogen mostly for the cascade of nitrogen gas bubbles floating up through your coffee. It is a unique sight, but nitrogen also affects the flavor and freshness and that cascade adds a thickness to the body of the coffee. 

Most importantly, the nitrogen occupies empty space wherever the coffee is stored so the coffee won’t degrade by coming into contact with oxygen. The process is called oxidation and it is the main thing that destroys the quality of coffee. 

So nitrogen is why nitro coffee tastes good black?

Not entirely. Does the nitrogen help? Absolutely. The real key is combining the effect of a nitrogen infusion with a quality cold brew coffee.

Cold brewing extracts fewer tannins from the coffee beans and reduces the acidity of the final beverage. The cold brew brings out a subtle, more intricate flavor which the nitrogen then protects to bring you the freshest possible tastes.

How should I drink nitro coffee?

The politically correct answer would be however you want it. The truth is, if you’re drinking a nitrogen infused coffee and adding creams or sweeteners for flavor, it’s kind of defeating the purpose. 

Done right, nitrogen infused coffee will taste fresh and delicious with nothing added. That is what makes it an ideal companion beverage for diets. You can enjoy your coffee without any of the additions that can be harmful to your health. 

What is the best nitrogen infused cold brew coffee?

As we said, if you need to add things to your nitro coffee to make it palatable, you’re not drinking the right nitro coffee. In fairness, we’re biased. But we put a lot of time and attention to detail into our True Cold Nitro Coffee in order to make it the best possible. We believe we accomplished just that. 

But don’t take our word for it. Here are some reviews from verified purchasers:

Absolutely obsessed with Quivr, it’s replaced my morning coffee run for cold brew and is so much better than anything else on the market. The taste is fantastic, just as good if not better than the nitro you get at a high end coffee shop. -Josh Machiz-

Big coffee drinker here!!! I love the taste and since its so hot in FL, I really enjoyed this quick pick me up!! KETO friendly... Decaf is available as well... I definitely will order again and try their nitro teas as well! Love that this is a family-operated business! Give it a try you wont regret it! -Rani Elizabeth-

Okay this stuff is amazing. As a new mom who is nursing, I literally couldn’t find a good decaf cold brew anywhere that gave me the same satisfaction as regular coffee, so THIS IS AN AMAZING FIND! Delicious bold taste and super smooth to drink, plus it doesn’t have any sugar or dairy which I’ve also been trying to avoid. These guys need to keep doing whatever they’re doing because it’s working!! -Nicole H.-

Yes, that last review is correct. We also have a True Cold Brew Nitro Decaf Coffee and it tastes great. It is a rare find on the nitro market and it is well worth a try for when you want something more mellow while craving coffee flavor. Try them both with our True Cold Nitro Variety Pack. This is the best and freshest way to enjoy your coffee.

True. Cold. Nitro.