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How is Nitro Cold Brew Made and Why is Quivr Different?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

How is nitro cold brew made? Learn what nitro can do for you and your beverage and how Quivr is different.

Wondering, How is nitro cold brew made? Understand the advantage of nitro cold brew and why it’s important

Nitro cold brew coffees and teas seem to be everywhere — it’s sold on tap in cafes and you can find it in cans at the grocery store. But are you wondering how is nitro cold brew made, and what’s the big deal?

A nitrogen infusion enables a whole new level of quality in your beverage. Nitrogen does much more than merely add bubbles to your beverage. The mouthfeel and the visual ascetic of the nitrogen cascade are nice, but that is not the true advantage of a nitrogen infusion. The true advantage is in what the nitrogen lets us do.

How is nitro cold brew made: The basics

Whether it is coffee, tea, beer, or another beverage, there are multiple ways to add a nitrogen infusion. A few examples could be through a tap system or a cream whipper. No matter how the infusion takes place, the nitrogen is infused into the base brew. Upon pouring, the beverage has a creamier head as a result of the small nitrogen bubbles rising to the top. 

Overall, many people prefer the infusion of nitrogen bubbles against those of carbon because it provides a sweeter taste and an improved mouthfeel. But if you focus only on these added traits you miss a much bigger point. One of the best things about how nitro cold brew is made is about what it takes away.

The real game-changer in how nitro cold brew is made

The mouthfeel is great, but that ignores something much bigger than a nitrogen infusion allows for. When nitrogen is infused into a container holding a base brew, it takes up all the negative space in the container. This means that no oxygen can get into the container. This is a big deal.

When oxygen comes into contact with a brew, oxidation begins. Oxidation is responsible for the degradation of food. It can result in poor tastes and smells in your food and even make your food dangerous to consume if oxidation goes on for too long. 

Preventing oxidation with the use of nitrogen means that you can preserve food without having to add traditional preservatives that can often change the beverage and sometimes be harmful to your health. Best of all, it means that you can infuse a base beverage immediately after creating it and preserve all the freshness in the beverage right then and there.

How Quivr’s True Cold Nitro is made

When you wonder, how is nitro cold brew made? you should also wonder if it is made right. Because if it is not taking advantage of the nitrogen infusion to reveal the true fresh flavors of a beverage, there is more than can be done. 

At Quivr, we find the best teas and coffees for our drinks and add nothing so that the quality of the ingredients can speak for themselves. The nitrogen infusion allows us to prioritize high-quality, fresh ingredients above everything else. 

Whether it is our groundbreaking True Cold Nitro Coffee or Decaf Coffee, or our market-changing True Cold Nitro Black Tea and Oolong Tea, each of our beverages are made with exacting processes to create the best possible beverage. Next, the nitrogen comes in to capture that fresh flavor so that when you pour it out of your can it tastes as fresh as ever. 

Cheers to fresh flavors. Cheers to the True Cold Brew. 


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