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Nitro Coffee

Nitro Brew Coffee Nutrition; What’s All The Fuss With Nitro?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Nitrogen tea and coffee can actually be better for your health than many other commercial options. The process they go through is an essential part of what differentiates them.

What started the nitro brew coffee nutrition trend and why it is here to stay

Have you tried nitrogen-infused coffee yet? If not, there is a likelihood that you have heard about it and are wondering what the fuss is all about. Yes, ‘Nitro Coffee’ has caught quite a wind of popularity, but you may be surprised to find out that nitro brew coffee nutrition has something to do with it.

When coffee is put into a container and left on a shelf, one has to wonder what’s keeping it fresh. For too long, the only way to keep canned coffee fresh was to add all kinds of preservatives, like citric acid. The problem, though? These additives will invariably alter the taste, not to mention the potential health risks they can carry. This process of canning or bottling coffee has gone unchallenged and unquestioned for too long. But now, luckily, there is a better way of doing things: the nitro way.

The better way to preserve

The typical way of preserving tea or coffee was with citric acid or other kinds of preservatives. Not only do these additives change the flavor of the beverage (why many of them advertise their drink as “with lemon”), but they can also be harmful to health. 

The nitro brew coffee nutrition advantage comes with the nitrogen-infusion. Nothing needs to be added to the beverage at all because the nitrogen does the preservation instead.

How it works

The process of nitrogen-infusion is a form of addition by subtraction. Nitrogen infusion does not actually add anything to the beverage, but the nitrogen gas does take up negative space in the can.

Exposure to oxygen is how beverages can degrade. This is called oxidation. By filling the can with nitrogen, there is no room for oxygen to come into contact with and ultimately taint the drink. This infusion keeps your beverage as fresh as possible until the moment you activate the nitrogen by shaking and opening the can.

Nitro brew coffee nutrition results

The finished product is an astoundingly fresh flavor you never would expect to find inside of a can. The nitrogen-infusion protects the integrity of the original beverage so you can have the full experience of what you’re drinking. But, this comes with a caveat.

Since nothing needs to be added to these beverages, that means you need to start with a great product. Additives like citric acid will mask lower quality coffee beans and tea leaves so companies can keep costs down.

A company that works with a nitrogen infusion and adds nothing to the beverage needs to start with something great. Otherwise, the result won’t be worth the trouble. 

At Quivr, we’ve taken pride in the entire process to ensure that we provide the best in cold brew tea and nitro brew coffee nutrition. Our guarantee is in our top-quality ingredients. We put effort into finding the best, so we don’t have anything to hide.

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