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Nitro Coffee

These Potential Health Benefits of Nitro Coffee Caffeine May Surprise You

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The benefits of caffeine stretch well beyond the energy kick. As one of the most consumed beverages in the world, studies find caffeine in coffee provides plenty of benefits to its drinkers. Learn how nitro coffee caffeine can benefit you!

What you get out of your nitro coffee caffeine and what it does for you.

Caffeine is the most consumed drug in the world. In its coffee form, this stimulant has been providing benefits to its drinkers for generations. But those benefits reach well beyond the alert, wakeful energy it is best known for. Those same benefits are also found with nitro coffee caffeine and may actually increase because of a higher concentration of caffeine.

Learning the full range of benefits you can get from drinking coffee could prompt you to increase your coffee habit. A quick look into how nitro coffee caffeine is different can give you an idea of how to approach those changes.

Some possible health benefits of caffeine consumption

Besides the wakefulness that is well known, research has linked caffeine to the following possible health benefits:

  • Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes
  • Increased endurance
  • Improved memory and brain function
  • Reduced risk of mouth, throat, skin, and other cancers
  • Lower risk of developing kidney stones

These health-links still require further studies to be confirmed, but correlations are promising.

If there is any data to trust over all else, it is the sheer number of devoted coffee drinkers. The only drinks in the world that can match up to the love of coffee is tea (don’t worry, we’ve got that too) and water.

How nitro coffee caffeine supercharges these benefits

The process of cold brew coffee changes the way caffeine is released into the beverage. The use of hot water extracts caffeine more efficiently from coffee grounds. So, if the ratio of coffee to water is the same between the two brews, the heated drink will have a higher concentration of caffeine.

The thing is cold brews are almost always steeped with more coffee than a typical heated blend. A higher concentration of coffee means more caffeine in the cold brew coffee. Nitro coffee is nearly exclusively cold-brewed. With cold brewing, your nitro coffee caffeine will come with a bigger kick than a standard cup of coffee.

There is no standard amount of caffeine across all nitro coffees, but you can expect them to be consistently higher than regular cups. If some caffeine is good, more is better, right? Maybe.

If your caffeine intake is making you feel uncomfortable, you may have a caffeine sensitivity. Do not force yourself to drink any more than you think is beneficial for you. And, of course, no beverage routine can replace the power of a proper diet. 

An option for every preference

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