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Not Only Is Tea Keto Friendly, But It Is Also the Perfect Keto Beverage

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Ashley Robertson

Is tea keto friendly? Not only is that a resounding yes, but there are plenty of other great benefits that come along with drinking tea!

Is tea keto friendly? Sure is! As long as it's the right tea though

Coffee is a keto-diet powerhouse, and there is a good reason for it. Coffee is a fantastic keto beverage but, for those of you who are more caffeine-sensitive, we have empathy and good news. Not only is tea keto friendly, but it is also the perfect companion to your keto diet for more than one reason.

There are keto dieters, lifters, and gym-goers who swear by coffee as their keto beverage of choice and even their pre-workout beverage. Still, tea makes no apologies and delivers a perfect assortment of benefits to tag along with the keto diet advantages. 

This does come with a caveat, however. You need to make sure you’re aware of the kind of tea you are drinking, and what's in it. The wrong tea - just like the wrong coffee - can quietly be sabotaging the progress of your keto diet. 

So, there is probably a better question to ask rather than is tea keto friendly?

WHEN is tea keto friendly?

This question leads you down the right path. Tea is the best keto friendly companion when you leave it alone. Let me explain.

With all the tea companies doing their best to get on every shelf and keep costs low, they sometimes use damaging methods to preserve and flavor their teas. This is why you see a lot of commercial teas brand their drink ‘with lemon’ or ‘with raspberry.’ It is not necessarily that they thought adding these flavors would make the tea taste amazing. That labeling is required for them once they add citric acid.

When it comes to your keto diet, these additives can be slowly corrosive to your overall health, and sweeteners can add carbs exactly where you don’t need them. 

To give yourself the perfect keto beverage companion, you want a drink that adds nothing but great natural flavor to your routine. That is why Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Black Tea is nothing but high-quality tea and water. 

When we say high-quality tea, we mean it. Our black tea comes from Lincang Prefecture in Yunnan Province, a region famed for its astounding high-grade teas. We add nothing to maintain the drink’s integrity, but also because we don’t need to. This tea tastes amazing as is. 

Way more benefits to find

Now, we know the right tea provides a great tasting beverage that you can easily fit into your keto schedule without concerns. Still, there’s more. What makes tea a magnificent keto diet companion is the added benefits you get from drinking tea.

The lower caffeine level of tea makes it easier for the caffeine-sensitive drinkers to tolerate while still giving some energy. Add that to a compound found in tea called L-theanine, which is known to promote relaxation without drowsiness. The combination of L-theanine with caffeine can create sharpened focus and a more stable kick of energy without any dramatic crash.

These benefits come along with antioxidants that are known to be great for the skin. So there are keto benefits and more. Call it the keto+ plan that you find in our True Cold Nitro Black Tea or one of our three styles of tea sachets. If you really want to take care of your skin, don’t sleep on our unique and natural body scrubs either.


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