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Keto Diet

Keto Dieting Just Got Easier With This Dependable Keto Cold Brew

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Sugary drinks can be a keto-killer. Having a dependable and delicious keto cold brew drink makes it easier to maintain the discipline your keto lifestyle requires. With this drink, you’re not choosing your diet; you’re just drinking what you want to either way.

The keto cold brew to change the way you think about dieting.

Carbs versus fat. It is the war that rages in the life of any keto dieter. Searching for the places you can allow carb consumption can be maddening. Pizza or popcorn (or neither)? When can I have it? How much? Is this drink too sugary? What if I water it down? Is there a keto-friendly drink other than water? What about a keto cold brew coffee?

Maintaining discipline for your keto diet is a reward in itself. The victory your discipline provides can motivate greater control that compounds your health benefits. But wouldn’t it be better if you could just drink what you love?

With a great-tasting keto cold brew, the transition from discipline to habit is a seamless one. 

Finding the best substitutes for your biggest cravings makes self-control easier to maintain and begins to decrease the amount of discipline you need. At a certain point, this is just what you eat now, this is just what you drink, and there is no challenge to it because it tastes good and makes you feel great.

Why do drinks make the keto diet such a challenge?

Many of the beverages we grew up drinking are murderous to a keto diet. Pretty much any fruit juice is going to be too sugary to make for a quality keto drink. Commercial vegetable juices usually have added sugar as well, making the carb content skyrocket.

What makes these juices even more problematic is that they remove the fiber from the fruits and vegetables. In any food, the net carbs is what matters to your keto diet. Think about it with this simple formula:

# of Carbs - Fiber = Total Net Carbs

By juicing, you eliminate fiber and therefore increase net carbs. Even juicing whole fruits isn’t a solution for a keto dieter.

Water is a fine option for anybody, but water all day every day gets boring. You need a drink that is desirable without compromise — a natural, delicious flavor with nothing added.

How this keto cold brew flips the keto beverage challenge on its head

Quivr set out to solve the beverage dilemma for keto-dieters by creating a line of keto cold brew drinks. The line of nitro cold brew drinks we came up with uses the best natural ingredients we could find. We wanted each can to represent how a first-class drink is made with great ingredients, not with added chemicals and flavors. 

Natural and delicious is exactly what Quivr accomplishes with our lineup of keto cold brew beverages. Every one of the True Cold Brew Beverages is zero carbs, zero sugar, zero anything added and 100% natural, delicious flavor. 

By adding nothing, we deliver a beverage that you will crave without feeling guilty about it. Find your favorite to give yourself a guilt-free go-to that changes your keto diet from an exercise in discipline to a way of life you are proud to have.

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