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Cold Brew Tea

Why Great Cold Brew Oolong Tea Is Hard to Find & How You Can Find It Anyway

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Some teas are hard to find. By finding teas of the best quality and brewed with the best techniques that don’t alter the flavor, Quivr is spreading the joy of cold brew Oolong tea the lengths of the globe.

What Makes a Great Cold Brew Oolong Tea So Special?

Getting the best Oolong tea is not always a question of where it is. Sometimes, the question is how far you can go to get it. Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world behind water and Oolong is one of the most popular styles available.

Even if you have never tried Oolong tea, you might want to get your hands on some to see what all the fuss is about. Whether you are looking for cold brew Oolong tea or a traditionally warm brewed cup, access to a quality beverage of the style can be rare since Oolong tea is so specific to location. That rarity is part of what makes great Oolong so special. Here we will bring you through a countdown of what makes great Oolong so rare and how you can find some anyway.

Climate and Terrain

Oolong tea is a style specific to certain climates and landscapes. Therefore, you find great Oolongs grow only in certain areas – mainly Taiwan. Even in Taiwan, not every spot is created equal. As a uniquely mountainous island, the high elevation of many tea farms creates an ideal situation for the plant to absorb moisture from the humid air of Taiwan.

The only other place in the world that has been able to create comparable Oolong is mainland China, and even then, the small island of Taiwan is by far most renowned.


The oxidation scale is what separates one style of tea from another. Black teas are heavily oxidized while Green teas are lightly oxidized. Oolong tea finds its place in the range between Green and Black tea which lends a wide possibility of potential flavors.

Many of the most sought-after Oolongs maintain lower oxidations with a more delicate flavor. Still, others have distinguished themselves as notably individual flavors such as the bug-bitten Oriental Beauty Tea from Hsinchu County of northern Taiwan.


Even when a tea company gets their hands on a great collection of Oolong tea from import, preserving the beverage long enough to get it into the hands of consumers is not an easy job. After brewing, many brands will introduce citric acid as a preservative for the tea. 

The only problem is that the introduction of citric acid dramatically alters the flavor of the beverage. To account for this change in flavor, commercial teas are often advertised as ‘with lemon’ or ‘with raspberry’ as an adjustment. This altered flavor helps preserve tea but is sometimes considered a way to mask low-quality teas. 

Great Cold Brew Oolong Tea That is Accessible

Many people have lives that prevent them from traveling to the far reaches of the world to find the best teas. There are distributors that bring good Oolong across borders but, short of making your own cold brew Oolong tea, there has not been a great supply for the cold brew demand. Until now.

Our True Cold Nitro Oolong Tea is sourced straight from the famed Oolong region of Nantou, Taiwan. To answer the riddle of preservation we infuse this high-class tea with nitrogen. By introducing nitrogen instead of citric acid, we can avoid any flavor altering and allow the tea to speak for itself. 

We are proud to lead the way in bringing an unaltered, high-quality cold brew iced tea to you. And, Oolong is only one of the tea styles we offer. Try True Cold Nitro Black Tea and Hibiscus as well by ordering a variety pack. Find your favorite and experience a new quality in your tea.

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