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Decaf Nitro Coffee

Decaf Coffee Benefits For the Caffeine-Sensitive

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

For people who are more sensitive to caffeine, there are still plenty of decaf coffee benefits you can have without the caffeine.

Decaf coffee benefits go further than just being free from caffeine

At Quivr, we love our coffee and go to great lengths to provide other coffee-lovers with the best there is to offer. Still, we understand there are a lot of people who, whether out of choice or necessity, avoid caffeine. Which is why we have made sure to create a decaf coffee option with that same standard of quality. So no matter if you can tolerate caffeine or not, you'll certainly love the taste while enjoying all the decaf coffee benefits at hand.

Is decaf really decaf?

Surprisingly, most decaf coffee on the market still has a reasonable amount of caffeine in it (one study says usually between 8-14 milligrams). Fortunately, a unique process called the Select Water Process removes 99.9% of the caffeine from regular coffee. And that's just what Quivr uses to make our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee.

Still, the improved decaffeination is only one of the decaf coffee benefits you get from Quivr.

Decaf coffee benefits from the best decaf coffee available

The most obvious place to start when we talk about the decaf coffee benefits in our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee is with the Select Water Process.

Flavor above all

Most decaf coffee is decaffeinated with the use of a chemical process. Our commitment to keeping chemicals and any additions away from our beverages means we had to find a different option and the Select Water Process is a game-changer. 

Not only is the process extremely effective at removing caffeine, but it also maintains the original flavor of the coffee far better than the chemical process could. This means your decaf coffee can be about what it should be about: the flavor.

Maintaining the good stuff

While taking out the caffeine you don’t want, there are plenty of decaf coffee benefits that carry over from coffee. For example, decaffeination may remove some but is able to maintain most of the antioxidants found in coffee. That is a huge deal because antioxidants provide big-time health benefits. 

The antioxidants found in decaf coffee can help reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Plenty of nutrients

One cup of decaf coffee provides portions of the nutrients like magnesium, potassium, and vitamin B3. All of these nutrients come in small amounts but the daily servings can add up quickly if you’re drinking more than a single cup per day.

This benefit is especially pronounced if you drink regular coffee and then drink decaf to avoid an overload on caffeine as these nutrients are present in both regular and decaf coffee.

The best decaf coffee: A perfect beverage

With the best nitro decaf coffee and the array of decaf coffee benefits, there are almost too many reasons to try the True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee from Quivr. Even if coffee or decaf coffee is not your preferred beverage, some of these same benefits can be found in Quivr’s True Cold Nitro Black Tea

And, so you can take advantage of sampling the range of our flavors, you can make your own mix with the True Cold Nitro Variety Pack.


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