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Decaf Nitro Coffee

A Cold Brew Decaf Coffee for the Decaf-Loving Community

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

A decaf coffee is an enjoyable, relaxing beverage. A cold brew decaf coffee is something different. A True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee changes the way we think about decaf coffee. Read here to learn how.

Cold brew decaf coffee is rare in the world of nitro coffee, especially one as good as this

The coffee and beverage world often panders to the needs of caffeine lovers. Too often, the people who enjoy a quality decaf beverage are ignored and left without a comparable array of options. Quivr heard the calls for a quality nitro cold brew decaf coffee and answered them by creating a world-class beverage that changes the way we think about decaf coffee. 

Much of the coffee industry treats decaf coffee as a caffeine-free alternative to drinking coffee. In essence, it’s a bench player, a back-up singer. We see it differently. Decaf coffee is an opportunity to focus on the flavors you can express in coffee, and there is no better way to do it than with a nitro cold brew decaf coffee.

How a cold brew decaf coffee is changing the way we think about decaf

How did we take on the task of bringing decaf coffee to a new level? It all started with the cold brew process. In the early days of coffee drinking, there was no reason to think about decaf coffee as anything other than coffee without caffeine. Once cold brew gained popularity, doors began opening for decaf coffee. The cold brew process brings out different flavors from the bean by lowering the acidity and releasing fewer tannins into the beverage. It enables a sweeter, less bitter taste. 

If cold brewing opens the doors to making decaf coffee a mainstream product, then nitrogen infusion is the tipping point. Apart from adding a cascade upon pouring and a little more volume to the body, nitrogen plays an essential role in elevating flavor by preserving the beverage. 

Most canned teas and coffees preserve shelf-life with the use additives which ultimately alter the flavor and change what you’re drinking. A nitrogen infusion preserves in a way that these additives cannot. Nitrogen gas takes up all extra space in the can so that oxygen cannot interact with the coffee to degrade the beverage. This means that without adding anything to the drink, we can preserve the freshness from the moment of brewing until the moment you pop open the can.

Decaf-drinkers agree — this is the only way to drink decaf nitro cold brew

In response to one of our customer surveys, a decaf customer said:

I was hooked on another brand of caff cold brew, but caffeine bothers me. I looked for decaf cold brew for some time and could never find it, until I found Quivr. Quivr tastes awesome, and gives me my coffee fix without the bad effects of too much caffeine. I’m a New England native living in Virginia, so it’s great to be doing business with a New England coffee proprietor. Great product, excellent service, awesome company. It’s perfect.

We’re proud to give our customers an excellent decaf option in our True Cold Brew Nitro Decaf Coffee and, of course, if you’re looking for a caffeinated beverage, we’ve got the original True Cold Brew Nitro Coffee. We even have customers mixing the two for a half-caff hybrid. If you want both, you can always mix them in a variety pack.

True. Cold. Nitro.