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Decaf Nitro Coffee

The Best Decaf Cold Brew Reveals Its Two Essential Ingredients

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

What does it take to be the best? Be the best from start to finish and use nothing but the best. Two ingredients are the only things Quivr needs to achieve the best decaf cold brew.

Turns out, the best decaf cold brew is more about what isn’t added than what is

When Quivr set out to make the absolute best decaf cold brew, we felt certain priorities were essential. First, bring out the best flavor possible, and second, make the drink a healthy option for dieters. We knew if we were going to achieve the high standard of flavor we’re always looking for, we had to have the best coffee beans and a high-quality process to keep it fresh.

Everybody is looking for the secret to make their beverages stand out from the crowd. In a crowded market of options, the beverage you choose will be the one that does something different, something that speaks to your interests, something that is not merely like everything else. At Quivr, we know we found the exact two things to make our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee the beverage that stands out.

The best decaf cold brew is impossible without the best processes

Before we get to the difference-maker that separates this decaf cold brew from the others, we need to talk about the process that made it all possible. A nitrogen infusion preservation process maintains the freshness of the coffee. By avoiding oxidation through the nitrogen infusion, we make sure the coffee’s flavor stays at its highest possible quality from the moment it goes into the can to the moment you pour it into your glass. 

The nitrogen infusion ensures the integrity of our two not-so-secret ingredients that separate our decaf coffee from others. What are they? Well, nothing. The only two things we add to our beverages are coffee (or tea) and filtered water. This makes for an unadulterated beverage that you can only get by adding nothing. 

Why is this combo so much better than others?

The best thing about being able to serve coffee without additions is that there is nothing to hide. When you can take pride in the product you deliver, you don’t want any other flavors, additions, or preservatives standing in the way of letting that flavor stand out. 

If you’re not drinking it for the caffeine, you are strictly looking for the taste. That is why a great decaf beverage needs to be all about the flavor and this decaf beverage is the pinnacle of flavor unleashed. Many beverage distributors will use any coffee they can find because they know their additions will mask the flavor anyway. We’ve spent time finding the absolute best coffee, so we don’t need to hide a thing. We don’t want to. 

Carrying out the search for the best was a privilege, and we are proud of the coffee we’ve found. With that said, we can’t take all the credit for how delicious our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee tastes. Barrington Coffee Roasting Company provided the best beans from around the world sourced sustainably and ethically. We would go nowhere else to get our coffee because we care about the road our coffee takes to get into your cup. 

By sourcing from Barrington, and doing our part once we get the beans, we know we are delivering coffee that has been treated with the best practices from start to finish. You’re not just consuming a regular cup of decaf coffee; you’re drinking the best there is to offer in every form of coffee production. 

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