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Regular or Decaf Cold Brew Coffee to Fit Your Day

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Take Back Your Day With Regular or Decaf Cold Brew Coffee

There isn't always time to change direction when we are in the heart of our day. Too many things are calling for our attention, and there is not always time to think through decisions. For this reason, we build routines into our day that fit seamlessly. The fewer decisions we have to make throughout our day, the sharper we will be for the entirety of it. 

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Whether or not we build these habits intentionally, they exist. Often, if they form passively, they are not the best choices. The human mind is ancient, and its wiring wants to take the simplest route as often as it can for survival purposes. It doesn't realize that most days are not the life and death struggles they once were. So, we need to use our rational minds to make smarter decisions for ourselves, build better habits, and solidify routines that are working in our favor. 

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How Drinking Quivr Will Improve Your Day

Having coffee in the morning or the middle of the day is one ritual that forms in the lives of many. It begins as something that helps get us through the day. Steadily, the need creeps up again and again. An instinctual dependency develops around taking time out of our day to go get that coffee. Each trip is another fifteen to twenty minutes of your time, maybe more. Make multiple trips and your approaching an hour of your day spent on coffee runs. This is time that could be better spent elsewhere.

Your mind has built a loop of expectation. The clock hitting a specific time, your arrival at work, or when it is time to go on lunch break, any of these could be the cue that triggers your behavior. You move without thinking. The journey is the reaction your mind is looking for. The flavor of your coffee and the boost of caffeine is the reward.

If you are in a position where you are ready to break your habits and take back your time, the good news is that you already have the foundation in place to do so. When the cue arises and you move towards making that trip for coffee, grab your Quivr True Cold Nitro Coffee instead. It doesn’t matter whether you choose the True Cold Nitro Coffee or the Decaf Cold Brew Coffee. Whichever you prefer, you satisfy the craving of the original signal and put time back in your hands.

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Regular or Decaf Cold Brew Coffee: Why Quivr Is The Best Option For You

A simple fifteen to twenty minutes may not seem like a world of difference, but think about increasing your efficiency and getting out of work fifteen minutes earlier. If you had that time back to spend it any way you liked, you would take it. Spend it with your family, your children, take extra time at the gym or spend it alone in a rare moment of calm reflection. Your time is more valuable than coffee runs, and it can be better spent.

Unlike most Nitro Coffee options, Quivr ensures that the only things that go in our cans are the things you want going into your body. Everything is ethically sourced, sustainably grown, without any sugar or dairy added. Quivr adds nothing to its beverages. The only ingredients in Quivr Cold Brew Coffee are filtered water and great coffee. Best of all, Quivr is a nutrition-plan-friendly beverage that adheres to Keto, Paleo, and Whole30 plans. Start taking control of your day. Shake hard, pour fast. 

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