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Nitro Coffee

How to Make a Great Cold Brew Decaf Coffee

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The world has a wealth of nitro coffee but a lack of cold brew decaf coffee. Quivr is answering the call by filling the void with quality, sustainable practices. Read about them here.

Delivering a Cold Brew Decaf Coffee to Fill the Void

Nitro cold brew coffees are crowding the shelves at grocery stores. While we saw these stacks of nitro coffee, we noticed a sore lack of quality cold brew decaf coffee options and felt a need to correct that problem.

We did not take this challenge lightly. At Quivr, if we are going to do something, we aim to do it at the highest standards. This project was no different. 

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Step 1: Source the best beans

All of our coffee, both regular and decaf, is sourced from Barrington Coffee Roasting Company. Everything comes from family farms that operate with socially and environmentally ethical practices. By supporting valuable social and environmental work, we are also getting some of the best coffee beans on the planet that you can feel great about drinking. 

Because of the source, we already know that any of the beans we source are coming with exceptional flavor. We have that to thank for the high-quality taste of our True Cold Nitro Coffee. The job from there is to not mess up that flavor in the decaffeination process.

Step 2: Decaffeinate ethically without compromising on flavor

We use a Select Water Process that removes caffeine from the coffee bean without the use of harmful chemicals and leaves the excellent coffee flavor intact. Without chemicals wreaking havoc on the taste of the coffee beans, we can elevate the natural flavors through a well-executed cold brew process. 

The finished product comes with strong flavor profiles of caramel, chocolate, spice, and dried fruit. All of the flavors combine on the palette to provide a cold brew decaf coffee experience that hits the mark every time.

Step 3: Shake hard, pour fast and spread the word

Now comes the fun part. We put in the research and the work to create a delicious cold brew decaf coffee to share with the world and for you to enjoy. The drinking process is just as important as every other step it took along the way. 

Until now, we've been all about business. Now is the time to have some fun. Give your can a few strong shakes to get the nitrogen working for you. Beware of the splash. It is a recommended courtesy to maintain a radius of a few feet from others to avoid impacting innocent pedestrians. After you pop, pour it fast for the best possible cascading effects. 

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Plenty to Choose From

The careful attention that we put into our True Cold Nitro Decaf Coffee goes into every one of our beverages. So, whether you are looking for a nitro cold brew coffee or trying to go a different direction with a cold brew black tea, Quivr has something that will get you right. Put together a personalized variety pack to find your favorite Quivr beverages.

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