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Cold Brew Tea

Can You Cold Brew Tea and Is It Worth the Effort?

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Can you cold brew tea? You can and you should. A cold brew extraction creates a whole new beverage and it’s even better when you can preserve that flavor long term.

Wondering can you cold brew tea? Learn how, why, and what the results could be.

Cold brew coffee is a steadily growing craze, but can you cold brew tea? The cold brew process makes coffee less bitter and easier to drink. But what would it do to an already subtle beverage like tea?

Well, to answer the question, yes, you can cold brew tea. And it is most definitely worth it. With the subtleties of flavor that the cold brew process can bring out, any tea lover should consider it important to sample some of their favorite tea styles steeped by cold brew. 

The very best of cold brewing is when you drink it fresh, so cold brewing at home is a great idea if you have the means to do it. If not, we’ll let you in on a little secret that seals in all that freshness for you to drink any time you want. 

How can you cold brew tea and how is it different?

With cold brewing, you are getting a very different tea than you might be accustomed to. Since heat works faster to extract the flavors and components from the tea leaf, a cold brew extraction should take place over 12 to 24 hours. Often, this also includes using a higher ratio of leaves to water to ensure the final product will have some good flavor.

Tea already has a wide range of flavors and styles. Even within each kind of tea, there are many varieties to try that yield very different results. This speaks well to the advantage of a cold brew tea. The expansive brew time and higher leaf ratio give the cold extraction a chance to express some nuance in each tea that you may not notice otherwise. 

The biggest downfall is also the biggest benefit. If you’re going through such an extended brewing process, it doesn’t make much sense to cold brew a small amount of tea. On the other hand, there is no easier way to have plenty of refreshing, cold tea on hand. This is especially useful during the hot months of the year. This brings us to one ultimate question, can you cold brew tea and preserve the freshness of the tea?

Preserving a quality cold brew tea for longer

Once you’ve brewed your tea, it begins degrading. If you’re brewing a pitcher to have at home in your fridge, this isn't a huge problem. But, if you are a company brewing cold brew tea to sell on store shelves, or you’re one of the people that buy those teas, it is a huge problem. Oxygen coming into contact with the tea degrades the product. Nothing you can do about that, right? Wrong.

With Quivr’s True Cold Nitro process, we’ve effectively removed all oxygen from our cans and replaced it with nitrogen. The nitrogen acts to preserve the freshness of the beverage so when you open the can, you are drinking a freshly brewed cold brew tea.

The results speak for themselves and the same is true for our True Cold Nitro Coffee and Decaf Coffee. Try our True Cold Nitro Oolong, Black Tea, and Hibiscus to see the possibilities that cold brew unlocks. If you can’t pick just one, we don’t blame you. Mix and match with our variety pack

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