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Keto Diet

Revealing What Makes the Best Tea For Keto Diets and Why

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

The best tea for keto diets is the one that doesn’t hide anything from you. You need to know what goes into your beverages so you can know what you’re putting in your body.

Why these teas top all others when it comes to the best tea for keto diets

Brands love to market towards people eating specific diets even if their products don’t necessarily fit the system. Marketing tricks can still make it seem like they fit the diet. But that is not always the case. How do you actually know what is the best tea for keto?

Keto dieters see this problem more than most. The words “keto-friendly” are on boxes, cans, and bottles throughout grocery stores these days. Friendly is a loose term.

To really get the most out of your keto diet you need to pay a lot of attention to how many carbs you are taking in and where those carbs are coming from.

With beverages, lots of carbs can sneak into your diet when there are additives used for flavor or used to preserve beverages. These are quiet killers of the keto diet that often throw you out of ketosis. But we have a cold brew that keeps you on track, tastes great, and is, hands down, the best tea for keto diets.

Why True Cold Brew Tea is the best tea for keto diets

In order to know whether you are keeping to your keto diet, you need to know what you are putting into your body. This is what makes finding a good beverage so difficult. With so many preservatives and sweeteners, it is hard to understand what you are actually drinking.

A lot of these things add carbs to your diet and throw off your ketosis. Even if they don’t, these additives can be bad for your health in other ways. That’s why Quivr set a mission to make the best True Cold Brew Tea without compromise.

Our cold brew teas have no additives or preservatives. They contain only the highest quality tea and water. That means our beverages are zero-carb drinks that taste great and do nothing but fuel you and your keto diet.

Fuel without compromise is the perfect recipe for the best tea for keto diets.

How does Quivr taste great without additions?

Many teas add things to their beverages out of necessity. Citric acid is used in most commercial teas to make sure the beverages can last on store shelves without going bad.

Quivr uses a different method for the best tea for keto diets. Instead of citric acid, nitrogen preserves our teas. The nitrogen infusion is done just after the tea is done with its exacting brewing process. The nitrogen takes up all the negative space in a can so that oxygen cannot come into contact with the beverage.

Oxygen is the greatest enemy of good tea. When oxygen comes into contact with tea, oxidation occurs, degrading the quality of the drink. Our nitrogen-infused beverages ensure that you are drinking the freshest product possible.

Each can of Quivr you open and pour is as fresh as if you had just finished brewing it yourself. Our caffeinated beverages are great companions for a keto diet. You can try our True Cold Brew Black Tea, Oolong Tea, and Coffee, or you can set up your own ideal mix with our variety pack.

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