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Keto Diet

This Unsweet Tea Keto Friendly Cold Brew Will Keep You On Track

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

A true unsweet tea keto friendly cold brew is hard to come by. Luckily, we’ve solved the problem of preservation to bring you a drink that has nothing added. Great news for keto or any diet.

How an unsweet tea keto approved cold brew can unlock the potential of your keto diet

Tea can be a fantastic drink to pair with your keto diet, or any diet. Still, if you’re not drinking the right one it might do more damage than you realize. The best route to take for most diets is to consume whole foods. No processing and no additives. That is where you find problems with most teas you’ll find in stores. Sugars, preservatives, sweeteners. These are all added to your tea to increase flavor and shelf-life. What you get is a product with too many added carbs that do damage to your body. The right unsweet tea keto friendly cold brew provides you with a new beverage that works for you instead of against you.

Sugars and sweeteners add sneaky carbs into your diet. Highly processed beverages can do damage to your health in other ways. But what is the alternative and how does it work?

The difference in an unsweet tea keto approved cold brew

As we said, whole foods make a world of difference. Thus, an unsweet tea keto friendly cold brew with nothing added is the best tea for your health and diet. Anything added for preservation is a step backward on your dieting and fitness goals.

How is an unsweet cold brew better? It is nothing but tea. And, done right, it is incredibly fresh. The reason you almost never see tea like this in stores is that it is difficult to keep a cold brew fresh for consumers. Without the additions, the tea degrades and can’t last long enough on store shelves for you to drink it. 

That is a problem, but a solvable one. Tea degrades through oxidation. This is when oxygen comes into contact and interacts with the beverage over time. Remove oxidation and you remove the need for the additions. Without additions, you have a natural, fresh tea that tastes great and is perfect for any diet.

The process that makes the difference and the product that does it

It’s fair to wonder how you eliminate oxidation without the use of traditional preservatives. The answer is nitrogen. At Quivr, we infuse our cans with nitrogen immediately after the cold brewing process. The nitrogen gas pushes out all oxygen and ensures there is no room for oxygen to interact with your tea.

The result is an unsweet tea keto friendly cold brew that is unlike anything else you will find. Great tea and great water are the only things you find in our cans. That is the only equation that can give you a delicious beverage for your diet. 

Now is the time to get our seasonal True Cold Nitro Oolong. It comes from the mountains of Taiwan where they make the best oolong tea in the world. Our True Cold Nitro Black Tea is our delicious year-round offering. This is a superior black tea sourced from China, the birthplace of tea. 

If you can’t choose between the two, get a True Cold Variety Pack where you can mix and match up to four of our beverages. Every one of them is as fresh when you open it as if brewed in front of your eyes.

True. Cold. Nitro.