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Why Exfoliate? Tough Workouts Can Do as Much Damage as Good

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

If you’re wondering why exfoliate, there are plenty of reasons. The benefits for skin health are undeniable and when you find the right body scrub, you’ll want to share it.

Why exfoliate? Because the wear and tear on your skin demands attention

Exfoliation is a great way to keep your skin at its best when you put it through a lot of work. So, why exfoliate? Because it negates the only downside to exercising, by taking care of your skin. 

Moving forward in one part of life can often mean taking steps backward in another. Things come at a cost. This is even true when taking care of your physical health. 

Exercise is absolutely essential to longevity and the overall quality of your health and moods. Still, good workouts often result in rough, dried skin, or calluses on your feet and hands. The oiliness that can come from sweating might also cause breakouts.

Honestly, some rough skin is not a great reason to avoid exercise, but it is certainly something to find a solution for. On top of that, breakouts can be a genuine concern. After all, you exercise in order to look and feel your best. If you don’t take care of your skin, it could result in unsightly blemishes that undermine the work you’re putting in.

The Why Exfoliate List

If you’ve never really thought about exfoliating, we can understand why you would ask, “why exfoliate?” In fact, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try and we’ll give you a few here:

A shiny new layer of skin

Even when you’re not exercising, your top layer of skin is usually dead and dry. Using a textured body wash to exfoliate helps reveal the young, vibrant layer of skin beneath.

Look good, feel good, for good

Exercise helps you look good and feel good. But it can leave your skin dirty and oily. Exfoliation helps get that look-good, feel-good attitude into your skin as well. 

Even better: Exfoliation can help reduce wrinkles and signs of aging in your skin!

Once a week is enough

You might not be eager to add an entirely new process into your routine every morning, night, and after workouts. That’s okay. You shouldn’t exfoliate too often. 

The proper frequency for you will depend on the sensitivity of your skin. For most people, exfoliating once or twice a week is plenty for soft and healthy skin. 

Great ingredients make great body scrubs

A good workout is a way of treating your body well. You need to make sure you’re treating your body with the right ingredients afterward, too. 

Coffee grinds are a popular ingredient to use in body scrubs because of the way the coarse texture helps clear out pores. But there’s more to coffee (and its beverage rival, tea), that can be great for your skin.

Antioxidants in tea and coffee have age-defying compounds that the skin can absorb. Other ingredients can include Dead Sea Salt, organic cane sugar, virgin coconut oil, and more. Every ingredient comes with its own brand of skin benefits.

This is food for your skin. So, you want to find a body scrub with . . .

Ingredients so fresh you could eat them

We don’t necessarily suggest consuming ours (or any body scrub). But whether you try a taste or not, the best body scrub is the one with the best ingredients. 

Quivr’s Coffee + Coconut Body Scrub and Matcha + Coconut Body Scrub are second only to each other. Choosing the best one for you depends on whether you prefer coffee or matcha.

Give these body scrubs a try! Instead of asking the question, you’ll be the one with the answers when others ask, “why exfoliate?”

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