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Tea Sachets

Find Out Which Tea Style You Are: Loose Leaf vs Sachet vs Tea Bag

Written by:

Ashley Robertson

Loose leaf vs sachet vs tea bag. Whether you’ve been drinking tea for a long time or you’re just starting, you may wonder which to choose. There is value in each but, for each tea drinker, there is a definite best option.

When it comes to loose leaf vs sachet vs tea bag, there is a clear winner depending on your desire

Choices are easy when there is a clear winner. In the world of tea, there is a battle between traditional brewing and updated, more convenient brewing. The good news is, with loose leaf vs sachet vs tea bag, there is almost always a clear winner. It only depends on what you’re looking for. 

What do you want from your tea? The answer will dictate the tea style for you. Do you need a beverage you can grab on the go? Are you looking for a full, mindful experience with your beverage brewing? There is an obvious choice for each preference.

Loose leaf vs sachet vs tea bag and when each is right

Loose Leaf 

For the traditionalist tea lover that wants to get every bit of quality out of their tea, loose leaf is the way to go. The ceremony of using pots and strainers only adds to the experience, whether you’re using a ceramic gaiwan, a clay pot, or other tea paraphernalia. 

When the leaf has more space to open, and water can flow freely through the leaf, it is easier to extract the oils and flavors that make tea great. If you’re not willing to compromise the slightest bit of quality at any cost, stay strict to loose leaf tea. 

Especially if you’re looking for the top, high-end teas, stick to loose leaf. The best teas in the world can reach astronomical prices and you might as well get the most out of them.

Tea Sachet

When you aren’t willing to sacrifice much on quality but don’t have time for cumbersome tea equipment, the tea sachet can be a perfect solution. The sachet is a perfect marriage of convenience without a huge loss in quality. 

The triangle shape of most tea sachets gives plenty of space for water to flow and the leaves to open. This enables you a similar high-quality product to a typical tea ceremony with added ease. Just drop it in your cup and fill it up.

Tea Bag

When your debate is sachet vs tea bag, the difference may seem small. The two items are similar, but there are dramatic differences in results. 

First, unlike the sachet, a tea bag is more compressed, which means there is less room for water flow. This actually doesn’t impact how much the leaves will open because tea bags typically have broken leaves and small particles called fannings. These can’t give you as high quality a beverage as a loose leaf or sachet, but they will steep faster. So a tea bag is best for you if you want a decent beverage without any expense of time. 

The Ideal Place to Start

Whether or not you’ve found your place on the tea brewing spectrum, using a tea sachet is a perfect middle-ground for testing. It blends convenience with high quality and puts you in a good place to see if your preference trends in one direction or the other. 

The method of brewing isn’t the only decision to make, though. Tea comes in so many styles. It can create a paradox of choice to know which tea to sip on. Quivr provides a perfect range of options in three of the most consumed styles. There is the Golden Black Tea, the Jasmine Green Tea, and the Turmeric Ginger for an herbal option.

Finding the perfect tea for you is a never-ending journey. These tea sachet options give you the ideal place to start.

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